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 By Jim Scribner    Local    February 2, 2020

Junkman's Gems: Calling attention to prison closings

Call your state congressman, call your cousin, call the governor if he can get his head out of his behind long enough to answer the phone. Carl Newton announced recently that Stitt is thinking about...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    January 26, 2020

I am thinking about joining an old people's motorcycle gang

It is not as famous as the Hell's Angels. The name of the gang is The Sons of Arthritis. I would be a member of the Ibuprofen Chapter. Sometimes the mother instinct doesn't run as deep as it should....

 By Jim Scribner    Local    January 19, 2020

You remember the impeachment, don't you

Well, the assassination of the Iranian general is old news now because I saw a news feed talking about the impeachment again. You remember the impeachment, don't you? I am on pins and needles waiting...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    January 12, 2020

Was 'The Donald' an idiot for spilling the beans about his mob style hit?

I bet if “The Donald” has had any affairs, the first thing he didn't do was tell the wife and all his friends. Before his car blew up, I had never heard of the Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani. I...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    January 5, 2020

Well, we've made it to 2020

Unfortunately for me, it seems like only yesterday we started the year 2000. Cleo had a breakfast gathering with some of her friends New Year's Day, so after making sure she was fed and the coffee...


Happy New Year

How cool would it be if Barbara Walters would announce on every radio station around the world at midnight, "Hello, I'm Barbara Walters and this is 2020!" I am not going to make any resolutions and...


Happy birthday, Jesus

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever name floats your boat. Enjoy your family/friend times together, because it is a greater gift than any material thing. Thanks to everyone that put on the...


No food, what a bummer

Thursday evening was the Woods County Democrats' monthly meeting. I hadn't been for a while, so I polished up and attended. There were several people eating at the restaurant that I invited, but none...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    December 8, 2019

Listen up, Rep. Newton; get on the ball and straighten this out

The state is working on the highway over at four corners north of Cherokee. The corner isn't too tough during the day but is a bit tricky at night. What is stupid is the speed limits. There are severa...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    December 1, 2019

Always get a second opinion

Cleo recently spent over 20 days in two different hospitals. She had fallen and could not walk for several days. We started at Share and then Cleo was sent to St Anthony's in Oklahoma City for more...


Happy Thanksgiving everyone

We will have our gathering on Saturday, so there may be a casino or two in our future with Dad if Cleo feels up to it. Thanksgiving started as a harvest festival in October 1621 and lasted three days...


I heard Elvis singing 'Blue Christmas' the other day; I must have missed Thanksgiving

We are on the way to having a go at impeaching “the Donald.” I am not convinced that he has done enough to be impeached. Others have done worse, I am sure. Maybe he should have been censured and...


Belated birthday wishes

Happy belated birthday, Cleo. On Nov. 9 a long time ago, an unusual child was born. She was really cute the day she was born, and still is today. Congratulations to the recipients of the Quilts Of...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    November 3, 2019

'If I could turn back time,' a song recorded by American singer and actress Cher

Sunday you get the opportunity to do just that. Please turn back all your clocks one hour on Saturday night. That way you won't be early for church or grandma's house for dinner, and you will be...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    October 27, 2019

Holy Batman, the downtown square looks great

Whoever came up with the idea for the Goldbug and Northwestern painted crosswalks should have spoken up years ago. High fives for the city boys because they sure did a nice job. FAIRBANKS, Alaska...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    October 20, 2019

Congratulations to the Alva Kiwanis members on their longevity

Jack Fisher and Richard Ryerson have been members of the Alva Kiwanis for 59 years. The Kiwanis do a lot of good in the community. I never got to be a member because I couldn't master the secret...

 By Jim Scribner    Local    October 13, 2019

Where's my help, Donald?

President Trump has given farmers upwards of $16 billion in aid for the damage to them the China tariffs have caused. While I know some farmers will be affected and need help, it is not a fair gift....

 By Jim Scribner    Local    October 6, 2019

Well, it worked

I tell lots of people "Pray for rain and cooler temperatures," and it finally worked. Trouble is, I don't know which of my friends had that kind of pull with the Big Guy to get it done. Anyhow, I am r...


Great fun last weekend

Jack brought his three Falcons, son Jerry brought his Fairlane, and Bill Delaney from Albuquerque, New Mexico, brought a nifty S10 pickup. I brought the '79 Ranchero down after rescuing it from the... Full story


Homecoming is next

I hope you had a great time at the cruise. Thanks to everyone that worked tirelessly to make this a special Alva event. I drove one of Jack's '63 Falcons from Enid to Alva after Dad and my trip to...


Free food! Bring on the Cruise!

Ya'll come next weekend for cool cars, great conversation and food trucks. The weather forecast shows a small chance of rain, but I am optimistic God will be good to us. If you have access to... Full story


Thursday afternoon marked the start of another Woods County Free Fair

The booths had been rearranged in what two people described as fruit basket upset. Rather than a plot to confuse people, what really happened was the convicts helped set up the booths and got the... Full story


More criminal than staggering

Brother Jack told me he had looked up lobbying costs in the USA, and the figures were staggering. I looked it up and it is more criminal than staggering. You think the cost of developing medicines is... Full story

 By Jim Scribner    Local    August 25, 2019

Next weekend is Labor Day

Let's hope for cooler weather and lots of free food and fellowship. It's been a banner birthday month for my family. Mine was August 2nd, followed by cousins from Lincoln, Nebraska. Allen Scribner's... Full story

 By Jim Scribner    Local    August 18, 2019

Watch your driving

School has started this last week. Excited children don't always pay as good attention as they should, so it is up to us drivers to keep them safe. The people have spoken in resounding fashion to the...


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