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  • The future of representation with Murray Mark Thibodeaux

    Katie Leatherman|May 25, 2018

    In today's current political climate, it can feel like all politicians are essentially the same, regardless of party. But Murray Mark Thibodeaux, Oklahoma Congressman candidate, definitely stands out from the crowd. Many people worry not simply about potentially compromising on an issue, but trusting that representative in Washington. Thibodeaux offers a novel approach. Disregard the idea of scraping the candidate's history for their voting patterns. Murray Thibodeaux has a plan to directly...

  • A day where nothing goes right becomes inspiration for graduates

    Katie Leatherman|May 11, 2018

    Have you ever had a day where nothing went right for you? Kindsey Ely has. A former teacher, she transitioned into the financial world, no small feat. A few days into starting her first position in this new field, she found herself involved in not one but three car accidents in one day! (Everyone came out fine.) At this point, many people would have called it a day, went home, and waited to start all over again. But Ely has a different outlook. As soon as the third accident happened, her friend...