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  • Acquitted and in demand, Rittenhouse ponders what's next

    MICHAEL TARM and AMY FORLITI|Nov 24, 2021

    KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — When he was acquitted of murder in shootings during unrest in Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse went from staring at possible life behind bars to red-hot star of the right: an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson and a visit with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago capped by a photo of both men smiling and snapping a thumbs-up. For Rittenhouse, a year of legal uncertainty over whether his claim of self-defense would stand up has given way to uncertainty over what's next. He told Carlson, in an appearance that spiked the host's r...

  • Jury begins deliberating at Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial

    MICHAEL TARM and AMY FORLITI|Nov 17, 2021

    KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — The jury began deliberating Tuesday at the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse after listening to dueling portrayals of him as a "wannabe soldier" who went looking for the trouble, or a concerned citizen who came under attack while trying to protect property. The case went to the anonymous, 12-member jury after Rittenhouse himself, in an unusual move, was allowed by Judge Bruce Schroeder to draw the numbered slips of paper from a raffle drum that determined which of the 18 people who sat in judgment during the trial would deci...

  • Instigator or victim? Rittenhouse on trial in Kenosha

    MICHAEL TARM and AMY FORLITI|Nov 3, 2021

    KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Jurors heard starkly different portrayals of Kyle Rittenhouse — instigator or victim — in opening statements at his trial Tuesday on charges of shooting three people on the streets of Kenosha during a turbulent protest against racial injustice. A prosecutor said Rittenhouse set the bloodshed in motion when he triggered a confrontation with a man that night and then killed him with a bullet to the back. But Rittenhouse's attorney told the jury that his client acted in self-defense after the man tried to grab Ritte...

  • Alleged leader of mosque bombing drew others into conspiracy

    MICHAEL TARM and AMY FORLITI|Mar 15, 2018

    CHICAGO (AP) — A former sheriff's deputy accused of being the ringleader in the bombing of a Minnesota mosque emerges in court documents as a sometimes-threatening figure with anti-government views, but also as a person with enough intelligence and charisma to write books and woo others into his shadowy group. Michael Hari, 47, allegedly intended for the attack to scare Muslims into leaving the U.S. He and two associates were charged Tuesday with traveling some 500 miles (805 kilometers) from rural Clarence, Illinois, to carry out the Aug. 5 p...

  • 3 rural Illinois men charged with Minnesota mosque bombing

    MICHAEL TARM and AMY FORLITI|Mar 14, 2018

    CHICAGO (AP) — Federal authorities on Tuesday charged three men from rural central Illinois with the bombing of a Minnesota mosque last year and said one of the suspects told an investigator the goal of the attack was to "scare" Muslims out of the United States. A statement from the U.S. attorney's office in Springfield, Illinois, says the men also are suspected in the attempted bombing of an abortion clinic in November. The Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, was bombed just before morning prayers on Aug. 5, causing a f...

  • Official: Prince probe focuses on doctors, black market

    Michael Tarm and Amy Forliti|Oct 2, 2016

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP, Oct. 3, 2016) — More than five months after Prince's fatal drug overdose, investigators have narrowed their focus to two main questions: whether doctors illegally prescribed opioids meant for the pop star and whether the fentanyl that killed him came from a black-market source, a law enforcement official said. Those lines of inquiry raise the prospect that a doctor or doctors could be charged with writing unlawful prescriptions and that a separate suspect or set of suspects with ties to narcotics trafficking could be charged w...