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 By Paul Cole    Local    August 4, 2017

A good conscience

Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked at yourself in the mirror and you known that you did not have a good conscience? In fact, your conscience yells at you, “You blew it big time last...

 By Paul Cole    Local    July 14, 2017

Our Good Shepherd

What an honor and pleasure to have Tom and Sandie Kilian from the South Sudan as our missionaries this past week. God worked through them in a powerful way so the children could see what God is doing...

 By Paul Cole    Local    June 23, 2017

A fun-loving dad

Dads are remarkable. They love their children for who they are but always challenge them to do their best. Dads realize they face an impossible task. They admit it from the start, but they willingly...

 By Paul Cole    Local    June 9, 2017

Your worst nightmare

What do you consider your worst nightmare, and you cannot say, “The day I was born.” You may say, “Could I have two or three worst nightmares?” No, you can only have one. You may say your...

 By Paul Cole    Local    June 2, 2017

Memorial Day, a Time of Reflecting

Our nation observed Memorial Day this past Monday. If you went past a cemetery, you would see it filled with people and an ocean of flowers on many graves. Maybe you even went to a Memorial Day...

 By Paul Cole    Local    May 19, 2017

Dare we forget?

We treasure the memories of the past. We remember the past for many reasons because of the blessings, encouragement and the challenges we faced. Yet we want to hold the past as sacred for another...

 By Paul Cole    Local    May 12, 2017

Slow to believe

Lew Wallace published his novel “Ben-Hur: A tale of the Christ,” considered by many the most influential Christian book of the 19th century. It has never gone out of print. The story tells about...


The day that forever transformed the world

John Milton wrote “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained.” He wrote about two of the most important days in the history of the world. We played a part in both. We know that we have lost...

 By Paul Cole    Local    February 17, 2017

Words that encourage

As a young man my dad worked as an iron worker. They put up the steel structure to build tall buildings. He did that work for many years. From time to time he would share about his experience on the...

 By Paul Cole    Local    January 6, 2017

Fiery trials!

Fiery trials – who wants them? But these trials do test our character. When hardships come, we know that they will either make or break us. If we allow God to weigh in, they will make us. Probably t...

 By Paul Cole    Local    December 23, 2016

Christmas: The Light of the World

If I asked you what you liked most about Christmas, you may name two or three blessings. You may include the lights of Christmas. In fact, at this Christmas season you may drive around to see them. Wh...

 By Paul Cole    Local    December 16, 2016

Christmas: A tough assignment

Have you been given a tough assignment this Christmas? Have you been given an impossible situation, an assignment that you did not bargain for? Sometimes maybe our worst Christmas could be our best. W...


How to have a good crisis

Someone has said, “We are going into a serious problem, in the middle of a serious problem, or coming out of a serious problem.” We would say that is pretty correct. Sometimes we face situations...

 By Paul Cole    Local    November 4, 2016

Authentic Friendship

You probably would say one of the greatest blessings comes in recognizing the importance of good friendships. You know that you will excel when you have good friends or life will go harder without...


Making your life count

Most people want to make their lives count. Parents will spend thousands of dollars for one major reason: to make sure their children have a good plan for their lives or their lives count for time and...

 By Paul Cole    Local    October 14, 2016


Have you ever gone to a wedding and saw the bride coming down the aisle and you wanted to stop the processional because you knew the groom was marrying the wrong bride? You never have seen the lady...

 By Paul Cole    Local    September 2, 2016

Preparing for the hard times

Have you ever met a person who loves preparing for the hard times? I doubt it. How does the old expression go – “When it starts to thicken up, I am thinning out?” It seems everyone is looking fo...


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