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 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    November 13, 2019 

Medical marijuana calls for modifications in drug policy

The three commissioners of Alfalfa County – Jay Hague, Stan Tucker, and Marvin Woodall – met Tuesday morning to conduct business as usual, kicking off their meeting with an invocation and flag salute. The heap of paperwork before them called for...


Alfalfa County commissioners to submit application for federal property donation program

The three Alfalfa County commissioners, Jay Hague, Stan Tucker, and Marvin Woodall, were joined by county clerk Laneta Unruh and administrative assistant Nancy Lambert this past Monday morning to kick off their weekly 10 a.m. meeting. After the...


Alfalfa County emergency management submits EMPG application

Routine items of business (minutes from the previous meeting, payroll warrants, blanket purchase orders, and maintenance and operation warrants for payment) were the first to be approved and checked off the agenda during the Alfalfa County...


Bids reviewed for bridge work in Alfalfa County

The usual orders of business didn't warrant much discussion this week at the commissioners meeting in Alfalfa County. Jay Hague, Stan Tucker and Marvin Woodall approved previous meeting minutes, maintenance and operation warrants for payment, and...


Alfalfa County commissioners breeze through agenda

This week's commissioners meeting in Alfalfa County didn't call for much other than signing off on large stacks of paperwork. Jay Hague, Stan Tucker, and Marvin Woodall reviewed the previous meeting minutes, maintenance and operation payment...


Temporary building structure at Avard Regional Rail Park still an issue

Infrastructure expansion has been a topic at the Avard Regional Rail Park Authority meetings for quite some time, and Tuesday night was no different. Woods County Economic Development Committee (WCEDC) executive director Sonja Williams joined...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    October 9, 2019

National 4-H Week declared in Alfalfa County

National 4-H Week is declared each year to recognize youths and the impact they have on their community, and on Monday morning, Alfalfa County commissioners did just that. Student 4-H president Taryn Miller was on hand with the county officials (Jay...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    October 4, 2019

WCIDA approves funding support request

Woods County Industrial Development Authority (WCIDA) members met Wednesday for a short special meeting regarding a request from Freedom West Community Development Corporation. Members Rick Cunningham, Randy McMurphy, Stan Kline and Connor Martin wer... Full story

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    October 2, 2019

Fund balances declining in Alfalfa County

Last week, Alfalfa County elected officers met with the board of commissioners and consulting accountant Buddy Carroll to work on the placement of appropriations for the fiscal year 2019-20 Estimate of Needs. This Monday morning, Carroll was back on-...


Gala goers jazzed about the arts

The Alva Arts Alliance hosted its second gala Thursday evening at the ACT 1 Theatre in downtown Alva. "American Artists, Musicians & Writers" was the theme and, like last year, the artistry did... Full story


Lengthy agenda calls for lengthy meeting in Alfalfa County

Officials in Alfalfa County met Monday morning and kicked off their meeting with a conference call with Les Reed from Dobson Technologies – the telecommunication provider the county switched to after discontinuing service with AT&T. An issue with...


Commissioners take an even closer look at switching health insurance providers

Blane Wood with insurance provider OPEH&W, along with Ross Naylor, was back to Alfalfa County to answer additional questions about the differences in what they offer as compared to that of the county’s current provider, HealthChoice. Wood met with...


WCIDA discusses electric vehicle infrastructure

Three members were enough to make a quorum Wednesday morning at the Woods County Industrial Development Authority (WCIDA) meeting. Rick Cunningham, Stan Kline and Randy McMurphy were present, along with Sonja Williams – Woods County Economic...


Commissioners sign off on Cherokee-Alfalfa County Regional Airport

Officials in Alfalfa County gave signatures Monday morning entering into an agreement with the City of Cherokee on future Cherokee Municipal Airport operations and expansions. The agreement,... Full story


Alfalfa County to review employee health insurance

The Alfalfa County commissioners had a little more on the agenda Monday than those of weeks past. The three men (Jay Hague, Stan Tucker and Marvin Woodall) kicked off the meeting at 10 a.m. and began by taking care of the routine items of business (m... Full story

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    August 28, 2019

Alfalfa County to start bid process

No major issues were reported or addressed at the commissioners meeting in Alfalfa County this past week. Routine items of business were handled first on Monday's agenda – previous meeting minutes, payroll warrants, blanket purchase orders and...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    August 21, 2019

Quiet week for Alfalfa County commissioners

As usual, commissioners in Alfalfa County spent their Monday morning poring over large stacks of purchase orders and warrants for payment; nothing else on the agenda demanded more time. After signing off on each, the three men (Jay Hague, Stan...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    August 16, 2019

Avard's rail park authority feeling positive about the future

Though a small group, a quorum was made Tuesday evening for members of the Avard Regional Rail Park Authority. Stan Bixler, Todd Holder and Ed Sutter began their reularly scheduled monthly meeting without other members Allan Poe and Bob Firth or... Full story

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    August 14, 2019

Wind farm construction coming soon to Alfalfa County

Commissioners in Alfalfa County welcomed back representatives from NextEra Energy during Monday morning’s meeting for an update on the Skeleton Creek wind farm project that was due to start this month. Elinore Beitler, project manager, along with...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    August 7, 2019

Alfalfa County FY '19-20 estimate of needs approved

The conference room was full Monday morning at the Alfalfa County commissioners meeting. Jay Hague, Stan Tucker and Marvin Woodall (along with administrative assistant Nancy Lambert and county clerk Laneta Unruh), were joined by a gallery full of... Full story

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    July 31, 2019

Quiet week for Alfalfa County commissioners

Paperwork took up most of the meeting time Monday morning at the Alfalfa County commissioners meeting. Jay Hague, Stan Tucker and Marvin Woodall signed off on two road crossing permits (both for District 3 for a total of $4,250), maintenance and...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    July 24, 2019

No updates on Skeleton Creek wind project in Alfalfa County

A short agenda made for another short meeting for Alfalfa County commissioners Monday morning. All three men (Jay Hague, Stan Tucker and Marvin Woodall) were present and got down to business approving last week's minutes, payment warrants and...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    July 21, 2019

Hopeton State Bank celebrates a century of service

July's Community Coffee was held at Hopeton State Bank Friday morning – just in time to honor the financial institution's 100th anniversary. Bank president Trent Goss took a few minutes to welcome g...

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    July 19, 2019

Alva's Kids & Cops presents 2019 poker chip run

A poker chip run to be held during the Crazy Cool Boulevard Cruise this Saturday will give cruising enthusiasts the opportunity to possibly win $500 in cash and prizes. Registration ($25) will be... Full story

 By Stacy Sanborn    Local    July 17, 2019

Alfalfa County enjoys several road-crossing permits

Long summer days don't have to mean long meetings, as the Alfalfa County commissioners proved Monday morning. Jay Hague and Marvin Woodall met briefly for their monthly meeting and were enough to make a quorum in the absence of Stan Tucker. A quick...


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