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Four arrested on drug charges in Freedom


September 4, 2016

Four Freedom residents have been charged with drug-related felonies after investigations by the Woods County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Earlier in the year Woods County Undersheriff Keith Dale was contacted by several Freedom citizens requesting assistance investigating illegal narcotics activity involving several individuals for manufacturing, possessing and distributing illegal narcotics including methamphetamine.

In paperwork filed in the cases, Dale states he personally observed come-and-go traffic from the residences of these individuals and several known drug users frequenting the residences.

Cellphone Found

On July 19, a concerned Freedom citizen found a black Samsung smartphone at the rodeo grounds in Freedom. The citizen told Dale when searching the contents and the data of the phone to determine the owner, several text messages were observed that appeared to be related to the sale and distribution of narcotics. On July 20, Undersheriff Dale conducted a search on the phone to determine a possible owner and observed the text messages. He disabled the phone and seized it as evidence of narcotics distribution.

On Aug. 1 after obtaining a search warrant on the phone, Dale determined the phone belonged to Miranda Jo Gilliland. He observed text messages discussing availability and price of an unspecified product. One text asked about the availability of “subs,” which commonly refers to Suboxone, a Schedule III controlled dangerous substance.

Dale learned from a records check that Gilliland was charged in June 2008 in Grant County with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and unlawful possession of paraphernalia. In March 2008 in Garfield County, Gilliland faced the same charges.

On Aug. 25, Woods County Associate District Judge Mickey Hadwiger issued a criminal felony warrant for Gilliland’s arrest for violation of an Oklahoma statute via computer.

Gilliland Arrested

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, about 9 a.m. Dale and Woods County Deputy Chase Bouziden began conducting surveillance on the residence of Josh Shreeve, 1111 Main St. in Freedom, because Gilliland’s vehicle was parked outside. About 11:30 a.m. Dale saw Gilliland leave the residence in a black Dodge pickup and drive to a residence at 1159 Tumbleweed. A short time later she was seen walking from there back to the Shreeve residence.

As Gilliland stepped onto the sidewalk of the Shreeve residence, Dale placed her under arrest for her active felony warrant and took her to the Woods County Sheriff’s Office in Alva. During the book-in process, the following items were found in Gilliland’s purse:

• A clear baggie of methamphetamine and three capsules containing methamphetamine, weighing approximately 2.9 grams

• A black LG cellular telephone containing methamphetamine between the battery and battery cover, weighing approximately 1.3 grams

• A glass pipe with burnt methamphetamine residue

• A digital scale with methamphetamine residue

• A screwdriver with burnt residue

• $255.50 in U.S. currency

• 10 doses of Suboxone, a Schedule III uniform controlled dangerous substance

A female jailer conducted a search of Gilliland and found inside her person a plastic baggie of methamphetamine, weighing approximately 14.4 grams. The jailer said when she observed the baggie and questioned Gilliland, the prisoner handed it to her.

Shreeve Search Warrant

On Aug. 30 members of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office, Alva Police Department, Waynoka Police Department, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and District 26 District Attorney’s Office executed a search warrant at the Shreeve residence at 1111 Main St. in Freedom.

During the search, the following items were found:

• A glass water smoking device with burnt and raw marijuana inside

• A coffee filter containing methamphetamine

• A metal pipe with burnt marijuana residue

• A State of Oklahoma learner’s permit belonging to Joshua Dean Shreeve with his picture on it

• A marijuana leaf-shaped ash tray

Also found was a Sentry Safe containing:

• A black wallet containing a Social Security card for Joshua Dean Shreeve, a Lucky Star Casino Card with Joshua Shreeve printed on it, a State of Oklahoma hunting and fishing license made out to Joshua Shreeve

• An LG GPadF8.0 LG-V495

• A black ALCATEL onetouch cellular telephone

• A clear plastic baggie containing methamphetamine, weighing approximately 0.8 gams

• A white plastic straw with methamphetamine residue

• A Phoenix Arms .22 long rife semi-automatic caliber pistol with one loaded magazine and one empty magazine

• A .22 caliber pistol barrel

• Numerous loose rounds of .22 caliber, 9mm, .308 caliber ammunition and 12 gauge and 410 gauge shotgun shells

• Seven keys on a key ring

Undersheriff Dale determined that the residence is approximately 478 feet from the Freedom Public School.

Second Search Warrant

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the officers also served a search warrant at the Shreeve residence at 1159 Tumbleweed in Freedom. As a result of the search, the following items were found:

• A clear plastic container of miscellaneous non-controlled pills

• Six cellular telephones

• A first aid kit with a large amount of non-controlled pills

• A checkbook in Jonathan Stahlman’s name

• A medical ID card in Stephany Chavez’s name

• Two small tubes – one containing a green leafy substance that field tested positive for marijuana and the other tube containing three plastic baggies. Two baggies contained a green leafy substance and a marijuana cigarette per baggie, the other contained 10 marijuana cigarettes that had been previously smoked.

• A grinder with a green leafy substance inside

• A glass pipe with burnt residue

• A black and silver Apple iPod

• A plastic drawer containing miscellaneous non-controlled pills

• A Samsung black and grey tablet with case

• A Hewlett Packard laptop computer

Also found was a small Sentry Safe containing glass pipes with burnt residue, cut straws with residue, four white methadone pills, numerous plastic jeweler bags, rolling papers, ID cards for Stephany Chavez and Jonathan Stahlman, an Oklahoma driver’s license for Joshua Shreeve, a digital scale, a grinder with green leafy substance, two computer storage flash drives, a lighter, a plastic jeweler’s bag with white residue that field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

Woods County Deputy David Cummings said when he made entry into the residence, he saw Stephany Marie Chavez, Brandon Dean Edwards and Jonathan Micah Stahlman inside. Cummings said when he placed Chavez in handcuffs, he searched her person and found a small jewelers baggie containing methamphetamine.

The address at 1156 Tumbleweed is approximately 748 feet from the Freedom Town Park and 181 feet from the Freedom Baseball Field.

Woods County Charges

Miranda Joe Gilliland, 33, of Freedom has been charged with three felonies: (1) violation of Oklahoma statute via computer, (2) Possession of a controlled dangerous substance – meth – within 1,000 feet of a school or park and (3) distribution of a controlled dangerous substance including possession with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of a school.

Joshua Dean Shreeve, 20, of Freedom has been charged with a felony of possession of controlled dangerous substance – meth – within 1,000 feet of a school or park.

Jonathan Micah Stahlman, 24, of Freedom has been charged with two felonies of (1) possession of controlled dangerous substance – meth – within 1,000 feet of a school or park and (2) possession of a controlled drug.

Stephany Marie Chavez, 22, of Freedom has been charged with two counts of possession of a controlled drug.


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