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Melton moving, new council member to be appointed


October 7, 2016

Alva Mayor Kelly Parker is looking for citizens interested in serving on the Alva City Council. Two city council members will be moving out of their wards so will be ineligible to continue on the council. A third is making plans for a move, but it’s too early to make a public announcement.

At Monday’s council meeting, Parker said it would be the last for Joey Melton who is moving to a different location in town. He thanked Melton for his service to the council. The mayor said he hopes to have an appointee at the next meeting to fill Councilmember Melton’s unexpired term in Ward 2. When a vacancy occurs on the council, the council has 60 days to make an appointment to avoid holding a special election.

Although he’s not moving just yet, Wes Miller is planning a move out of state. He has been a longtime member of the council and chairs the very important finance committee. So eventually, Mayor Parker will be looking for another appointee in Ward 3.

Other Reports

Miller gave a brief report on the finance committee meeting held just prior to council Monday. He said they had a long discussion on how the federal law change on exempt and non-exempt employees will affect the city. The new law, which will affect all employers not just the city, will cause many previously exempt employees to fall under the overtime pay rule. Miller said the city will need to find a different time tracking program for employees.

Business Manager Joe Don Dunham said the cemetery board met and approved accepting the donation of the pavilion built by private individuals at the Alva Municipal Cemetery. That recommendation was addressed later in the council meeting. The cemetery board is also looking for ways to pay for street repairs at the cemetery. The board discussed going to the City of Alva Tourism Tax Committee with a funding request because the cemetery can be considered a tourist attraction.

City Manager’s Report

Recreation Complex Mowing, Maintenance: During the last meeting of the Alva Recreation Complex (ARC) Board, members decided to reject all bids for mowing and maintenance. Since it’s probably too late for top dressing this year, the city will work on obtaining quotes for that service for the spring 2017 season on softball and baseball fields.

The city will also be working with individual sprinkler companies to insure that the sprinkler systems are installed prior to the top dressing process.

After those two items are accomplished, the board and staff will discuss whether or not to bid out the regular mowing of the fields.

Recreation Complex Shade Structure: City staff members are also working to prepare bids for the ARC softball shade structures. The current plan is for direct bury, metal poles to support a canvas type awning for shade. The structures will be placed over the current bleachers and wrap around the home plate backstop.

Water Issues: The water department is checking the static water levels of the city’s water wells. These levels indicate the amount of water available for consumption and for sale to outside consumers. Dunham said currently the water levels are consistent with those measured last year which shows the wells are being replenished through the aquifer. He said the city will need to check the condition and capacity of the well pumps to keep water flowing to Alva.

Overtime Law Changes: Dunham also touched on the overtime law changes. The changes by the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division will affect classifications for exempt and non-exempt employees. This will change which employees are to be paid overtime and which will be exempt. The law will require the city to more accurately track hours being worked by all employees.

Job Openings: The city has job openings for an auto mechanic, a full time paramedic, and full time and part time EMT Basics.

Arena Report: Dunham said the Alva Arena Authority is expected to present a report and update to the city council at the next meeting on Oct. 17.


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