By Kirsten Harrison
AHS Reporter 

Adopting a Beadles resident


December 16, 2016

Students of Alva High School (AHS) involved in Key Club have recently begun one of their newest community service projects: adopting a Beadles resident. Beadles, a rest home in Alva, openly welcomes these kind students. Any student in Key Club has the opportunity to sign up for this service.

Once one has signed up to participate, whether individually or in groups, a Beadles resident is thoughtfully assigned to each. Students must visit their Beadles resident at least once a month.

This service is widely appreciated and is seen as a kind gesture from one generation to the next.

“I wanted to be able to help out in a cool, different way that people haven’t done before,” Emily Swenn, senior at AHS, comments. “My favorite part of this service is being able to meet an elderly person and hear all of the cool stories from their life. I am excited to be able to communicate with, as well as try to bring joy to, an elderly person.” This service is intended to not only bring joy to the students participating, but the residents of Beadles, especially.


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