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By Paula Doman
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4-H Club Day results


One of the biggest life skills that 4-H teaches is talking in front of groups. 4-H Club Day is a chance for all ages of youth to perform in front of a judge and learn more about talking in front of groups of people.

The youngest members, Cloverbuds, can do Show and Tell. They have a few minutes to share about something they like. Since they are less than 7 years old, they are recognized for their participation, but not judged against each other.

Once a member reaches 7 years old, they have more options to pick from for public speaking events. These include reading a short story, sharing about a favorite project, doing a demonstration or illustrated talk. We also celebrate talents in music. Members may sing a solo or play an instrument. They may also partner with other members and for duets and ensembles.

The final group of events takes several members or even the whole club. Clubs can choose what they would like to do. These club events include a Model Meeting where the club shows how well they can run a meeting. Teams of four to five members can also enter in Gavel Games. This is a chance to handle the business part of the meeting in a quickened pace. The final group event is a skit. The two this year included most of the members from the club. These results represent years of knowledge gained by some members and a first attempt by others.

Barber County held its annual Club Day at the South Barber High School in Kiowa on Saturday, Feb. 25. Results are as follows:

Model Meeting: Top Blue – Gyp Hill Pioneers 4-H Club

Gavel Games, Intermediate Division: Top Blue – Sunflower, members Camryn and Callan Smith, Rachel and Cole Fischer and Jack Schreiner.

Senior Division: Top Blue – Sunflower, members Dale and Allie Hoch, Madie and Rhyan Marshall and Bianca Lewis. Public Speaking: Top Blues –Bianca Lewis, Madie Marshall; Alt. Top Blue – Takira Blick

Project Talks: Top Blue –Belle Burden, Alt. Top Blues - Jack Schreiner and Kooper Wesley, Red – Mason Scripsick and Peter Sawyer.

Sr. Demonstrations: Top Blues – Cade Lonker, Anna Siegrist; Alt. Top Blues – Olivia Woods and Allie Hoch; Blue – Chloe Blunk, Garrett Burden

Jr. Demonstrations: Top Blues – Rhyan Marshall, Sterling Rector; Alt. Top Blues – Rachel Fischer , Jessica Jahay; Blues – Addy Bryan, Aydan Bryan, Jake Fisher, Christopher Myers, Kaitlyn Myers, Team of Nevaeh Woods and Harmony Moss, Noah Woods; Reds – Ava Bryan, Team of Cole Fischer, Callen Smith and Jack Schreiner.

Sr. Readings –Top Blues – Reanna Dunlap, Makenzie Watts; Alt. Top Blues – Bianca Lewis Madison Marshall; Blue – Carson Cargill, Tyce Lonker, Anna Siegrist; Red – Corbin Smith.

Jr. Readings: Top Blues – Harmony Moss, Hudson Rector; Alt. Top Blues – Easton Rector, Bree Bodemann; Blues – Addy Bryan, Aydan Bryan, Belle Burden, Garen Cantrell, Rhyan Marshall, Thomas Mills, Jack Schriener, Nevaeh Woods; Reds – Cort Blunk, Briar Bodemann, Ava Bryan, Madison Day, Cole Fischer, Rachel Fischer, Martin Mills, Kaitlyn Myers, Lee Roland, Callen Smith and Camryn Smith.

Sr. Vocal Solo: Top Blue – Olivia Woods.

Jr. Vocal Solos: Top Blue – Kaitlyn Myers; Alt Top Blue - Grace Cantrell.

Sr. Vocal Ensemble: Top Blue –Olivia Woods and Kaitlyn Myers.

Jr. Vocal Ensemble: Top Blue – Sunny Lakers, members Noah and Neveah Woods, Thomas, Jacob and Martin Mills, Kaitlyn and Christopher Myers and Harmony Moss; Alt. Top Blue – Cloverleaf, members Addy, Ava, and Aydan Bryan.

Sr. Instrumental Solo: Top Blue –Allie Hoch; Alt. Top Blue – Olivia Woods; Blue – Carson Cargill, Garrett Burden.

Jr. Instrumental Solo: Top Blue – Shalea Watts; Alt. Top Blue – Nora Gugelmeyer; Blue – Briar Bodemann, Rachel Fischer, Easton Rector, Sterling Rector.

Skits: Top Blue – Cloverleaf 4-H Club; Alt Top Blue – Stampede 4-H Club.

Show and Tell – (All Received Participation Only) Abigail Bryan, Callen Corr, Cambridge Rector, Abby Schreiner and Beau Wesley.

All top blues will now compete against the top blues from surrounding counties on Saturday, March 18, 8 a.m. at Pratt Community College.

Once the results are in, the Go Getter Award is given to the 4-H club with the most participation as a point system of total club members and the ribbon placings they earned on Club Day entries. In first place is Sunflower 4-H Club, second place went to Sunny Lakers 4-H Club and third is the Stampede 4-H Club.

Science Judging Contest

In conjunction with the 4-H Club Day, Barber County held a Family and Consumer Science Judging Contest. This year the participants had to identify spices and cooking ingredients with the use of scent only. We had 18 4-H members and 11 adults participate. Results are as follows:

Junior Division: Champions; Garen Cantrell and Briar Bodemann, Blues; Shalea Watts, Grace Cantrell, Gavin Watts, Hudson Rector, Nora Gugelmeyer, Madisyn Day, Easton Rector, Reds; Belle Burden, Aydan Bryan, Sterling Rector, Tristan Watts and Bree Bodemann.

Senior Division: Champion; Chloe Blunk, Blues; Takira Blick, Allie Hoch, Red; Makenzie Watts.

Adults participating: Stephanie Marshall, Kim Lyons, Jan England, Walinda Arnett, Linda Rector, Melissa Rector, Jenny Cantrell, Sheryl Farney, Tim Rector, Fred Gillig and Yvonne Burden.

Congratulations to all the members who choose to participate and the parents, grandparents and club leaders who donated the time to work with each member to help make the next generation better.


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