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Citizen report leads to arrest of driver for drugs


A Carmen woman was arrested on drug charges after someone reported a vehicle being driven erratically.

According to court records, on Feb. 27 about 8:56 p.m. an individual reported a possible drunk driver to Woods County E911 dispatch. The red car was going south on U.S. Highway 281, north of State Highway 45. The reporting person followed the car and saw it run off the road and travel at speeds from 40 to 70 mph with its turn signal on. The reporting person followed the car to State Highway 45 where it turned east.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Randal McCullough was south of Alva and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. As he traveled east from the Woods County line on State Highway 45, he saw the vehicle a few miles ahead with a taillight flashing. McCullough was about to catch up to the car in Carmen when he saw the driver lose control and wreck about four or five blocks ahead. The vehicle, a 2008 Dodge Charger, had run off the left side of the road, striking the south curb. The driver then lost control of the vehicle which ran off the right side, striking a utility pole and a mailbox.

When McCullough approached the car, he saw the driver, Cassie Curry, attempting to get out. He checked and found she was not injured so helped her open the door. While speaking with her, McCullough did not smell any odor associated with an alcoholic beverage, but he noted she acted as if she might be under the influence of a drug.

McCullough asked Curry if she was taking any medications, and she said she had several prescriptions but had not taken any since morning. Her speech was fast and slightly slurred and her eyes seemed to be dilated, McCullough states in his affidavit. Curry told McCullough she was using her phone and texting is why she wrecked. He had Alfalfa County EMS check her.

While EMS was checking her, McCullough noticed a cigarette lighter on a retractable cord attached to her belt loop. Curry kept pushing the lighter back into her pocket. Since she was a female and wearing tight jeans, he asked her to pull her pockets inside out so he would not have to pat her down.

When she pulled the lighter out, it came loose from the retractable cord, and he noticed a small plastic baggie tucked inside the holder attached to the cord. McCullough had her remove the cord attachment and hand it to him. Inside was a small yellow plastic baggie with small pieces of cotton and a white crystalline substance that later field tested positive for methamphetamine. Below that was a second clear plastic baggie with a white residue.

She was arrested and taken to the Alfalfa County Jail.

Cassie Marie Curry, 30, of Carmen has been charged with a felony of possession of controlled dangerous substance – methamphetamine. This crime is punishable by imprisonment for up to five year and a fine of not more than $5,000. She is also charged with a misdemeanor of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs.


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