Freedom birthdays and anniversaries


Happy Birthday To

July 27: Bailey Rankin, Lee Christopher, Leah Adams

July 28: Shad Brackin, Doneta Hohensee

July 29: Courtney Wares, Kylee Harper, Kelsey Harper

July 31: Monty Reed, Dallet Maddux, Rob Burnham

Aug. 1: Whitney Davey

Aug. 2: Ronald Kurz, Kanden Cook

Aug. 3: Kyse Eagan

Aug. 5: Blythe Benson

Aug. 7: Jeanne Winn, Janet Linn, Stonie Stewart, Peggy Bilyeu, Lisa Bradt, Janelle Collins

Aug. 8: Randy Reed, Jeanne Hepner, Kim Rader

Aug. 9: Belinda Caringer, Elva Sample

Aug. 10: Jeff Stewart, Kelly Ledford, Ranson Pierce

Happy Anniversary To

July 26: Mr. & Mrs. Merle Nickelson

July 27: Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Hughes

July 28: Mr. & Mrs. Zearl Harris

Aug. 3: Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Doter

Aug. 7: Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Stansberry, Mr. & Mrs. Trent Bliss

Aug. 10: Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Elmore

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