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August 27, 2017

Schools in Oklahoma City are going to spend much-needed education money to change the names of four schools because they are named after Civil War veterans. Who are these school names offending? One name change is from Stonewall Jackson to something else. How many kids going to school there know or even care who he was as long as they can get a good education and be safe?

Around the country there is an outcry from total idiots to remove all the statues with confederate generals on them. I also saw somewhere that because he owned slaves, George Washington's statue should be removed.

In truth I wonder how many thinking, intelligent African Americans, or anyone else for that matter, are offended or even care that these signs of problems over 150 years ago are still around. Much like Confederate flags, statues of whoever (what about Martin Luther King's statues), names of schools, sports teams, or books that seem to tell too much truth, none of it bothers me because, like it or not, it is mostly part of history.

What offends me is these individuals causing all the problems in these areas really don't give a hoot about what these things mean to the rest of the United States. Much like the rioters, looters and troublemakers that show up at protests, these lowlifes are destroying the freedoms of choice we all should have.

If they would go through the court system and get the people of our country to agree legally that things need to be changed then, like it or not, I will defend the majority's right to change. All the protesters are doing for me now is to make me want a law making an open season for protesters, just like quail season.

If they do succeed in getting the statues removed, in their place put up statues of the village idiot. In bold print place the names of all that helped erase history so future generations will recognize these peoples children as persons of interest.

A few internet wisdoms about this serious business: Chances are good if you are at work you won't be killed as a protester. The $1, $20, $50 and $100 bills have pictures of former slave owners on them. If you are that offended about slavery send all your slaveholder money to me, and I will save you from being offended by it and properly dispose of it for you.

On an upbeat note, I saw at the corner of 13th and Flynn the street had been removed. When I came by one day there were three ducks (decoys) sitting in the water. Great plan; every neighborhood should have a fishing and hunting spot.


Reader Comments(1)

maesz45 writes:

Jim, I usually like your columns. First & foremost, you ordinarily stick to the facts as they are & do not quote, as facts, things which are not. But, not for the current column. Most of the statues in question were erected in the 1920s & 30s--then, again, in the 1960s. Next, you claim owning slaves is the reason they need to come down: They were traitors, pledged allegiance to the Confederacy, fought against the United States of America & killed Americans. Shall there be a statue of bin Laden?


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