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By Paul Cole
Town & Country Christian Church 

A strong defense


October 13, 2017

When was the last time you were arrested and thrown in jail? How long did you spend in jail? We don’t have to face those decisions when we accept Christ at the present time. Around the world many people have to face that problem because of their faith.

Jaydee Miller spoke here Sept. 26 during the school of missions. He told about a man named Doxian in China who was part of the police surveillance of the underground church. He killed many Christians. He could tell those who committed their lives to Christ because of the glow around them. Yet as he watched Jaydee and the other Christians, he wanted what they had though it may cost his life. He was willing to pay any price.

What price will you pay to do God’s will and have a glow of God’s glory around you? Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid as the old song goes? If you do, it will change your life and impact the world.

In Acts 25, Paul is on trial for his life. The governor of Judea, Festus, told the Jewish people, “Let some of your leaders come with me and press charges against the man” (Acts 25:5).

If we have the whole world pressing charges against us, do we have the strength and courage to defend the faith with a boldness and a strong commitment? When we do, we will change our world.


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