Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and grandmothers everywhere


My mother and mother-in-law have gone ahead of our family to the promised land awaiting the coming of all the people they raised and made good citizens out of. Thanks for a job well done. Try to see your mother on this special day. If you cannot be there in person, make the call. Better yet, you still have time to call her and take her to church (morning or evening) and an after-church meal. Whether or not it is Mother's Day, she will really appreciate hearing from you and you will have a flood of memories to make your day special.

Thursday, my brothers and I went with Dad to Oklahoma City for tests related to his heart. Everything came out okay, and for 89 years old he is doing well. I ran into four Alva people at the heart hospital. It amazes me that everywhere I go there is someone I know.

Without getting stirred up too much, to the legislators, are you out of your minds? I am a firm believer in the right to carry a gun and not need a permit. However I do believe everyone should have to at least have to take a no-cost quick test to show they know how to use their gun. I would be one of those that needs a refresher course before I haul my gun around with me, because it may have been 20 years since I have fired a gun. I also worry that with so many officers being killed the police will have to make even more snap decisions about the gun toting citizens' intentions. Mom #1: How do you get your sleepy-head son up in the morning?

Mom #2: I just put the cat on the bed.

Mom #1: How does that help?

Mom #2: The dog’s already there.


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