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Alva man charged with assault on officers


September 9, 2018

An Alva man apparently didn’t appreciate law enforcement intervention in a domestic disturbance.

Kent Rene Bearden, 59, of Alva, has been charged with four felony counts in Woods County: two counts of assault and battery on a police officer and two counts of prisoner placing body fluid on government employee. The first two counts are punishable by a fine of up to $500 or imprisonment for up to five years or both. The final two counts are punishable by imprisonment up to two years and a fine up to $1,000. In addition, Bearden is charged with two misdemeanor counts of domestic abuse – assault and battery.

Bearden’s bond has been set at $40,000 per count on the felony charges and $2,500 per count on the misdemeanor charges according to online records. His next appearance in court is set for Oct. 9.

Court records show on Aug. 30 at about 10 a.m., Woods County deputies Chase Bouziden and Ethan McOsker responded to the 900 block of Erie Street just west of Alva on a report of domestic battery from Jimmy Jacobson. She said she was calling from a neighbor’s house, her boyfriend Kent Bearden was very intoxicated, and she was “terrified” to go home.

The deputies met with Jacobson who was in a nightgown and did not have shoes. She told them Bearden becomes very belligerent and violent toward her when intoxicated. She said he had been staying at her house approximately one week while his semi-truck was being fixed. She said he had stayed intoxicated for most of the week he had been there.

According to the affidavit, Jacobson said about 6:30 that morning Bearden came into the bedroom where she was sleeping. She reported he was already intoxicated, and he became aggressive toward her. She said he forcefully held her arms about her head and roughly began to kiss her on her neck. She said he began to squeeze her hands very tight, knowing she had arthritis in both hands and it hurt.

Jacobson told the deputies while she was still in the bedroom, Bearden took her son Rick Seal’s cat litter box outside and threw it over the fence. He said the cat did not need a litter box in the house. Jacobson said Seal lives at the house as well. Seal became upset, told her she needed to end the relationship with Bearden and left the house.

Jacobson said she went to the kitchen to make coffee and gave Bearden a cup. She said he threw the coffee on the floor and then smashed a cantaloupe that was on the counter. She said she had told him she was going to babysit her grandson in Oklahoma City, and he needed to pack his belongings, go get his semi-truck and get back to work.

Jacobson said Bearden took the coffee pot off the burner and took off the lid. She said she was afraid he was going to throw the coffee on her so ran out of the house to her neighbors. While she was at the neighbors, she said she saw Bearden outside pacing and throwing her belongings into the front yard. Deputy Bouziden noted that Jacobson had several bruises and a small cut.

The deputies approached Jacobson’s home where they saw several household items in the front yard including a small hot plate and a smashed lamp. Bearden did not answer when they knocked on the door and called out. Jacobson gave the deputies permission to enter but did not have her key. Then her son arrived and used his key to unlock the door.

According to the affidavit, when the deputies entered, they saw Bearden sitting in a chair in the living room completely nude. They noticed Bearden’s speech was very slurred, and he said he had drunk a lot. He refused to talk to the deputies about what had happened with Jacobson.

Deputy Bouziden asked Bearden to put on a pair of pants, and he refused. He told Bearden he was under arrest and he needed to stand up. He told him he could put on a pair of pants and he still refused.

After Bearden refused to get out of the chair, the deputies took his arms and assisted him up. He immediately began to resist and pull his hands away. During the struggle, Bearden hit his head on an end table causing bleeding from the left side of his head, just above his left eye. The deputies were able to handcuff him and take him to Bouziden’s patrol vehicle

At the vehicle, Bearden refused to get in. The deputies tried to assist him into the vehicle, but he continued to resist. He was warned that he was going to be tazed and still refused to cooperate. McOsker applied his tazer. Bearden moved his upper body into the vehicle, turned toward the deputies and spit blood and saliva from his mouth on both of them.

McOsker administered another drive stun to Bearden who kicked McOsker in the chest knocking off his name plate. The two deputies managed to get Bearden into the front seat of the vehicle. According to the affidavit, Bearden began kicking the rearview mirror and in-car camera. Bouziden placed leg irons on him. As he was doing so, Bearden struck him in the left side of his head with his knee.

Bearden was buckled in and a safety spit mask was placed over his face. Due to Bearden’s injuries, alcohol and some medicine he had taken, Bouziden took him to Share Medical Center for evaluation.

At the hospital the nurse asked that Bearden be moved further up on the bed. When Bouziden attempted to assist, Bearden stood with Bouziden behind him and grabbed Bouziden’s duty belt, at one point getting his hand on Bouziden’s keys, which were attached to the belt. Bearden was medically cleared and taken to the Woods County Jail.


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