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Thursday marked the start of another year for the fair


September 9, 2018

I think we had a pretty good crowd. I saw several people I had not seen for a while. I did some gift shopping and did okay. I got a “brain” (exercise ball), two tape measures, a ball cap, a tire gauge, other neat stuff and lots of pens. I had the only fly in the building and found a business giving away fly swatters. I don't know what happened this year, but I get pens from the banks for my booth and only lost two of them. Usually people haul off six to ten every night.

I'm not telling Cleo about the Northwest Nuisance Wildlife Control Company. I'm pretty sure she would call them because she says I can be a nuisance, and she said there is no “wildlife” left in my future. Actually, the Shafers will get rid of the varmints around your property for you.

Justin brought me a baked potato from the kitchen and it was good. I hope the people doing the cooking do okay and will return next year. I hope everyone had a fun time at the fair and y'all come back now, hear?

A Carmen native, Melvin Brooks, nearly 103 years old, passed away this last week. It would be hard to imagine the changes he saw in his lifetime. To my friend Terry Brooks and family, sorry for your loss.

On the political front, the Senate is investigating deceptive sweepstakes practices. These companies target the elderly and make them think they will receive a bunch of money, but in reality they never see any of it. The most popular of these scams is called Social Security.

A story about the most ridiculous things you could be fined for in every state caught my eye. Pretty funny/serious stuff. Here are a few:

Arkansas is particular about its pinball rules. For one, a winning player can only have 25 free games. Additionally, coin-operated pinball machines and similar devices cannot take more than one coin — that’s a misdemeanor punishable by up to $1,000 and/or a year in jail.

Washington: Killing Bigfoot (Sasquatch) in Skamania County. If you have a run-in with Bigfoot, don’t kill him. The ape-like creature, who also goes by “Sasquatch” and “Yeti,” is known to occasionally pop up in Skamania County. If you knowingly kill him, you could be looking at jail time and a $1,000 fine.

Oklahoma: Bear Wrestling or Horse Tripping. It’s unlawful to engage in or be employed at a horse tripping or bear wrestling event in Oklahoma, according to the state’s animal cruelty statutes. That means no selling, purchasing or offering up a bear or horse for this purpose. Committing such an act is considered animal cruelty, and you’ll likely get smacked with a fine up to $2,000.


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