Tulip Garden Club members learn about Asiatic lilies


September 16, 2018

As the Tulip Club prepares to begin a new season of activity this September, it is time to review the minutes of their last meeting.

Donna Rhodes hosted the monthly meeting of the Tulip Garden Club in her home on June 21. Her summer-themed table was decorated in yellow and black and featured bees and beehives with each member taking home a jar of honey for a favor. Rhodes' buffet featured breakfast casserole, a fruit platter, cinnamon rolls and donut holes with lemonade, tea, coffee and water. Members present were Li Brooks, Genevieve Farris, Evelyn Hofen, Helen Janzen, Linda McCoy, April Ridgway, Alex Ridgway, Rhonda Fields and Donna Rhodes.

President McCoy called the meeting to order with members reading the “The Gardner’s Creed.” Members responded to the roll call by telling if they have Asiatic lilies in their garden. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary Ridgway and approved. Treasurer Fields gave her report.

McCoy began the meeting by discussing the events surrounding National Garden Club week. She noted that the club had participated with a newspaper article and picture with the mayor, a library display featuring gardening items and information, and flower arrangements given to various business around Alva. Hofen’s garden was also featured in the newspaper and on the Facebook page during the week. McCoy thanked Farris, Fields, and Hofen for all of their help with these projects.

McCoy reported on the current state of the pyramid project. She thanked Fields for weeding the walkway and spraying the weeds. Members discussed moving the lily plants in the fall and adding more blanket flower seeds. Plans were made to water conservatively during the summer months to control the weeds.

The Yard of the Month and Blooming Business committee members were reminded to look for yards and businesses to recognize during the summer months.

In new business, McCoy reminded the club that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Tulip Club and asked the members how they would like to commemorate this event. Nov. 18 was selected by the club to host a reception at the Runnymede. Particulars such as selecting food and drinks to serve, printing a banner and preparing a slideshow featuring the photos from garden club members were discussed. A condolence card for Mary Early was signed by the club expressing sympathy after the passing of her mother. McCoy reminded everyone about the upcoming county fair and urged members to enter items from their gardens.

Farris and Becky gave an excellent lesson on Asiatic lilies. Bulbs should be planted in the fall as soon as they are purchased so that they do not have a chance to dry out. Planting in the fall allows them to develop the best root system. Soil should be well-drained and slightly acidic. Bulbs should be buried to a depth three times their length. Fertilize in the spring and add bone meal to the soil when they start to bloom. Plants should be mulched in the fall. Asiatic lilies are very long-lived bulbs, and when fewer blooms are produced the plants need to be divided.

Farris won the hostess gift, a charming rustic beehive. Members were reminded to begin collecting pictures for the anniversary sideshow. With no further business, the meeting was adjourned


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