Swing bed program bringing new patients to hospital


September 23, 2018

The swing bed program at the Share Hospital is “hopping,” says Chief Executive Officer Kandice Allen. She told the Alva Hospital Authority Tuesday that six swing bed admissions were received in August, two were acute care patients from Share and four were transfers from outside facilities. The average length of stay for three of the patients was 7.6, and three remain in the program.

Share has been working with Okeene Hospital’s coordinator to implement changes needed for critical care status. Share is also working to improve the activities program as they expect to be receiving more long-term swing bed patients than in the past.

Dr. Kris Mullins had twelve patients in August. Share is currently working on a sepsis protocol for the emergency department. They will be identifying the top three ER diagnoses to use in providing educational opportunities for the staff.

Dr. Benjamin Hicks and Brian Nutter, APRN, will be covering some of the Urgent Care shifts to save money at present. Urgent Care had been using an independent contractor.

Allen reported she attended the OHA Council on Rural Health Aug. 22. She and others from Share traveled to Okeene to spend the day with hospital staff learning from about critical access hospital operations.

Jeanne Sands from SSM IT was in Alva Aug. 27 to evaluate Share’s information technology needs moving forward. Share’s servers are aging.

The hospital board approved reappointment to active staff of Michael Lawrence, DO; reappointment to courtesy staff of Robert Cortner, DO; and appointment to allied staff of Roger Hess, APRN.

Financial Report

Chief Financial Officer Kevin O’Brien reported that Share Medical Center had an operating cash balance of $135,851 for August representing 5.2 days of operating expenses, excluding depreciation. The hospital accounts receivable balance of $3,669,131 decreased $168,600 during August.

Hospital gross patient revenue for the month totaled $1,838,812 which was a $6,430 decrease compared to the prior month. Total patient days for August were 92 compared to 74 in July. Total clinic office visits for August were 1,572 compared to 1,237 in July.

Accounts written off to the collection agency for August totaled $233,647 which is two months. Charity care for the month of August totaled $3,636.

The hospital net loss for August was $90,374 which is better than the last two months.

Share Convalescent Home

Rita Goodrich reports Share Convalescent Home has four new CNAs and one new nurse’s aide. They still continue to need LPNs and RNs, using agency nurses to fill staffing requirements.

The average daily census in August was 57 compared to 60 in July. Skilled nursing days were at 137 compared to 234 in July. Long term care patients are now being referred to the hospital since they are qualified as a community access hospital.

The operating cash balance for August was $22,536 which represented 2.2 days of operating expenses excluding depreciation. Accounts payable for August was $404,339 which represents 79.2 days of operating expenses excluding costs related to salaries, benefits and depreciation.

Convalescent Home gross patient revenue for August totaled $356,199 which was a $39,885 increase compared to the prior month. Total patient days for August were 1,798 compared to 1,881 in July. The net loss for August was $5,014.

The Homestead

Kelly Parker reports The Homestead is still at over 80 percent occupancy. Average paid nights increased by 0.9 residents/guests per night compared to August 2017.

A few of the shared living spaces are still scheduled for new flooring. The proofer in the kitchen had to be replaced. A new barbecue grill is also planned. The Homestead Café served 450 meals in August. They continue to offer two meals a day at $6 per meal delivered. New menus will be out Oct. 1 with a couple of new items added. There will also be symbols marking menu items for special nutrition like gluten-free or heart healthy.


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