By W. Jay Tyree
College Hill Church of Christ 

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Sometimes optimism is easy


October 26, 2018

One would think that ministers should be among the most optimistic folks on the planet. However, from time to time, we suffer from the same disappointments and misgivings as everyone else. In the process of our ministries, we often have the chance to challenge our friends and fellow Christians to live out their faith in an active, unwavering manner. Unfortunately, no amount of wooing, begging and badgering will ever move some of God’s people off high center. On those occasions, our optimism is bound to take a bashing.

BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES! As we mentioned in last week’s article, it is time for the community to come together, once again, to make sure our fellow citizens are well supplied with warm clothing for the coming winter season. That article came out on Friday. Today is Monday. Here is what I have witnessed, so far.

First of all, before the white trailer was even in place, we helped two of our local ladies with donations. The first called the church office and asked me where the trailer was parked – she had been completely around the building, looking for it, before parking out back and calling for directions. The second came into the fellowship room Thursday as we were feeding the football team, and asked where the boxes and sacks needed to go. She had brought along a couple of grand-daughters to do the hauling, so all I had to do was point.

Today, after being in place over the weekend, the white trailer was full to the brim with offerings. I asked some of the college students enjoying Monday Lunch if they might consider helping us bring those items inside. Many of them left their lunches immediately to form a line of volunteers. Within a few minutes, the trailer was empty. However, those students were barely returned to campus when I peeked into the trailer and saw that it was, once again, filling up with warmth.

When God gives so many blessings, through so many people, it is easy to hold hope for the future. Thank you and see you Sunday!


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