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Agree to disagree


November 2, 2018

From an article in the Talequah Daily Press comes this statement: “But today, outright lies have become the weapon of choice and the weaker-minded would rather believe the office-holders they idolize than the media that seek to protect them by telling the truth.”

In the waning hours of the mid-term campaign, we see the slippery-slope to accusations and defamation has claimed all but a few of the office-seekers. It is difficult to walk away from the never-ending arguments that divide this country over party, religion, immigration and environment, but is any issue ever solved by agreeing to disagree? Is anyone’s mind changed by coffee shop prattle?

Dr. Milt Lehr, the late-great philosopher and educator was proud to be a party supporter, claiming that in the give-and take of legislative bantering, there was strength in numbers and because of the caucuses, no one person was very effective at making change.

Are independent thinkers ostracized? That would certainly seem true today when labels of liberal or conservative are taken literally. What has happened to moderation, and if it still exists, why not a party for it? Polarization is toxic to the future of this country and perhaps mankind. What has happened to the thought process when there are only forwarded e-mails to promote a cause? Who is making the decisions in this country besides the “Super PACS,” which answer to no one?

In the book of Romans, Paul says, “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace.”


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