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By Ben Orcutt
Alva Police Chief 

Honoring those who wear a badge to protect and serve


May 12–18, 2019, is Police Week – a week during which we take the time to remember fallen police officers in our nation.

This week is more than that to me. My words are not elegant but let me try to explain why. People like to call the men and woman of the Blue who have lost their lives our “fallen heroes.” They ABSOLUTELY are heroes, and they have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I am not trying to take the importance away or lessen that in any way. I believe these men and women became heroes when they, some at a very young age, felt the calling and made the choice to put on a gun and a badge to protect the innocent. They protect us from the monsters in our society who choose to hurt, rob and manipulate, even though it’s not the popular thing to do.

They know the pay isn’t good. They know the hours will be long. They know they will work nights and weekends. They know they will sacrifice time away from their families to “protect and serve” strangers.

I believe they are heroes every morning they continue to put on that badge and holster their weapon-no matter what our society has labeled them. I believe they are heroes every time they take that call and have cameras shoved in their faces, called names, are mocked and ridiculed and continue to act with professionalism and integrity. Every time they chose to respond to another call from the same person only this time the person who was so disrespectful before is now the victim and needs their help.

I believe these officers were heroes long before they made the ultimate sacrifice. So let’s take this week to remember them, to remember the families they left behind. To tell stories about the type of people they were and chose to be. To encourage others to continue where they left off.

I also believe we need to continue to appreciate those officers who make the decision daily to put the target we call a badge on their chest. They go out to do their job of protecting and serving a nation that has turned against our profession, but sleeps well at night as we protect their families. Those who choose at the first of every shift to put their lives on the line for the safety of others.

I want to say thank you to not only all of our brothers and sisters in Blue, but also to their families. To the families of those who have fallen: your loved ones and their sacrifices have not been forgotten. We dedicate our lives to continuing the good work of “protecting and serving” no matter what the cost.


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