South Barber Board has presentation on new bleachers, personnel changes, reorganizes for new year


South Barber USD255 held their July meeting Monday night with two members absent: Melissa Simpson and Ryan Molz. All others were present when President Mark Pollock called the meeting to order including: Bryan Quick, Deb Helfrich, Mariah Doherty and Mike Miller. Superintendent Dr. Mylo Miller sat at the board table as did Board Clerk Julie Johnson. Grades 7-12 Principal Brent Shaffer was present as was the new part-time assistant elementary principal and classroom teacher Kaynette Scheck.

This was the annual re-organizational meeting and typically the board holds election of officers. However with the November election, the board signed a resolution saying they would wait until January to elect the new board officers.

However, they did go ahead and approve Board Clerk Julie Johnson; Deputy Board Clerk Luke MacKinney; and Treasurer Walter Fry.

New Bleacher Presentation

Craig Lipsey with Hussey Seating made a detailed presentation (just over one hour) about new bleachers in South Barber's 7-12 gym. This would replace the existing wooden bleachers that are the original ones from when the high school was built in the 1970s.

Lipsey's quote was $144,853, He brought samples of the heavy plastic seats with backs that he said are superior in comfort to the wood. He's been in the bleacher business 42 years and brought pictures of recent work he has done. His bleachers include ADA compliance seating.

His quote includes using three colors in the seating for the price he quoted.

After checking out South Barber's bleachers, he said, “If you don't buy bleachers this year, you need to put it in your budget.”

After discussion later in the meeting, the board agreed to table the bleacher subject until the next meeting.

Personnel Changes at South Barber USD255

The board accepted the resignation of Jarrod Inman as the assistant junior high boys’ basketball coach.

The resignation of Mylo Miller as an assistant track and field coach was approved.

Nikki Brattin is accompanist for the choirs and will continue that job in addition to her new role. The board hired her for the part-time job of teaching fourth grade.

Jenny Cantrell teaches at the high school and was hired for a new role as well. She will be the part-time at-risk teacher for grades 7-12.

Tami Lee Speicher was hired for the part-time assistant high school cook and part-time custodian position. The superintendent said that Speicher had worked at the Sharon School site and comes with good references.

The board approved South Barber Employee Contracts for the 2019-2020 academic year.

In reorganization for the new school year, the board approved many housekeeping items and more that follow:

• Monthly board meeting dates to be held on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at 512 Main, Kiowa, Kansas. Any time the second Monday is a legal holiday, the meeting will be held on the next day, Tuesday, at the regularly scheduled time and place.

• Approval of school year, 1,116 hours method.

• Approval of official depository for school district funds. Clerk may invest idle funds:

A. Idle fund investments are deposited in the First State Bank of Kiowa and People’s Bank of Kiowa.

B. Checking: First State Bank of Kiowa

C. CD with Interest account: People’s Bank of Kiowa.

• Approval of signatures for bank accounts, District Petty Cash and CD with Interest accounts:

A. Mylo Miller

B. Julie Johnson

C. Luke MacKinney

• Approval of signatures for district funds accounts:

A. Board Treasurer

B. Board President

C. Board Clerk

• Approval of petty cash limits:

A. Central Office: $800

B. PreK-6: $500

C. 7-12: $1500

D. Concession stand, K.S.A .: $500

• Approval of Principal Brent Shaffer to administer high school activity fund; approval of Principal Mylo Miller to administer elementary activity fund.

• Approval of textbook and workbook rental (document):

A. PreK through sixth, workbook: $25

B. First through sixth, textbook: $25

C. 7-12, workbook: $30

D. 7-12, textbook: $30

E. Student activity tickets: $30

F. Adult activity tickets: $40

G. Family (immediate) activity ticket: $100

H. Breakfast: Elementary: $2.20 (up from $2.10); 7-12: $2.40 (up from $2.30);C. Adult: $3.40 (up from $3.30)

I. Lunch: Elementary: $2.90 (up from 2.80); 7-12: $3.15 (up from $3.05); Adult $4.00 (up from $3.90)

J. Extra mMilk: $.50 all ages (same)

• Approval for clerk of the board to pay bills early when necessary.

• Approval of mileage reimbursement rate, state rate, $.58/mile.

• Approval of district personnel to destroy old records; approval of rescinding all actions by the board that established policy during the previous year; approval of KASB Board Policy book as policy.

• Approval of the annual waiver of requirements for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, GAAP.

• Approval of Capital Outlay Resolution, expenditure guidelines.

• Approval of SCK-SEC representative (cur. Mark Pollock); approval of all other board members as alternates as representatives to the SCK-SEC.

• Approval of Governmental Relations Network representative and alternate (cur. Deb Helfrich as representative, all other board members as alternates).

• Approval of Federal programs representative: Superintendent.

• Approval of compliance officer for federal programs; Title I, Title VI, Title VII, Title, IX, ; Superintendent.

• Approval of Truancy Officers:

A. PreK-6 Building: Principal Mylo Miller

B. 7-12 Building: Principal Brent Shaffer

• Approval of food service representative: Kay Roberts; approval of food service (FYI) agreement previously approved June 2019; approval of hearing officer for free and reduced price meal application appeals: Superintendent.

• Approval of KPERS representative: Julie Johnson; approval of school attorney: Kansas Association of School Boards; approval of coordinator for homeless students: Superintendent.

• Approval of official district newspaper: The Gyp Hills Premiere; approval of auditor: Busby, Smith & Ford

• Approval of designate school district communications manager, purchasing agent, custodian of records: Superintendent.


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