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Deja vu all over


August 4, 2019

If you don't vote yes on an $8 million renovation project your hospital will close. I thought it was sad that the only way to get the funding passed for Share Medical Center years ago was not on the merits of why the upgrades were necessary, but on the blatant use of scare tactics to get it passed. Let me state that I am glad we have a first-rate facility and many excellent people working there. However, the statement "build it and they will come" has not worked out as well as hoped on the doctor front.

This trip down memory lane brought me to an ugly truth about the pool funding debate. I got a paper with reasons to vote yes and reasons to vote no on the pool. On the paper in the reasons not to vote no it said: “Voting no implies that future funds for street repairs, water infrastructure, public safety, the rec park, NWOSU scholarships, and other priorities are not important.”

Shame on whoever thought that line up. First, that is goofy because one has nothing to do with the other and second this statement has sunk to the low of using scare tactics, particularly on seniors. “If you don't vote yes on the pool funding, you don't care what else happens to our town."

The yes reasons would make more sense if there weren't so many questions unanswered including, but not limited to, why do we not have solid figures in place about the cost of repair and the cost of replacement? I have heard everything from 1.8 million low to 3.8 million high. How can we vote in a payment program of any kind with this variation on funds needed? Get solid bids on the project. There are lots of pool companies that would be glad to give bids, I think.

How many of these magical Alva citizens were consulted and made the decision about what the people of Alva wanted? I wasn't asked; how about you? Let the people decide whether they want more property taxes or a three-quarter cent sales tax raise. I did my own informal survey about sales tax and found not one person that refused to buy something anywhere because of sales tax rates. This also allows people passing through to do their part in paying for the pool.

On the other hand, if you have a viable way to get the funding besides these two, please speak up and we will throw it in the pot. I am having a bit of a hard time with the funding and the pool construction both. I think that there has got to be another way rather than property owners footing the bill, but agree or not I think the council picked the best way they knew to guarantee a shot at other grants, etc.

I am an older guy and don't like change. The pool has memories for generations of Alvans, me included. I would like to repair the existing pool, but realize it is a monumental task. Whatever you believe, please vote on Aug. 13, because it is not only your right and duty but sends a message that you are paying attention to what's happening in our town.

As I went to Cherokee the other day I picked up a hitchhiker. He thanked me for the ride, then said "How do you know that I'm not a serial killer?” I thought just a second and replied: "What are the odds of two serial killers in the same car?” He got out at the next corner!


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