Outstanding mentor honored during their seventh annual Oklahoma Mentor Day


August 11, 2019

Chloe, mentee, and Cathy Mapes rest their heads together at their last mentoring session of the year.

Outstanding mentor honored during their seventh annual Oklahoma Mentor Day

Cathy Mapes, an active OSU student leader and sophomore animal science major from Alva, has been selected as the outstanding Boren Mentoring Initiative mentor in recognition of her consistent and thoughtful mentorship of Chloe, her sixth-grade mentee.

"Cathy's devotion to serving someone of the younger generation as a role model and mentor is admirable among college students," said Boren Mentoring Initiative Director Beverly Woodrome. "Cathy is also a member of the executive team for Chi Omega, on the OSU Student Alumni Board, homecoming steering committee and Animal Science Leadership Alliance. The way she demonstrates a passion for committing to multiple organizations and individuals in addition to her schoolwork definitely sets her apart and illustrates her selection to this honor."

Mapes has been matched to her mentee Chloe, a student at Stillwater Middle School, for a year-and-a-half. Mapes begins each mentoring session by asking Chloe about her "high" and "low" of the week. That leads Chloe into other conversations about how she is doing. The two also enjoy doing crafts and playing board games. Mapes utilizes her mentoring training and critical thinking effectively, teaching Chloe something fun, allowing Chloe choices, listening, and inviting Chloe to teach her something new.

"Cathy has become a role model to Chloe and has given her someone else to look up to," Woodrome said. "By consistently spending time with Chloe, she has instilled lessons as well as viewed growth.".

Chloe described Mapes as "one of the awesomest people" she has ever met.

"She is really nice," Chloe said. "She likes how I draw. I could see her as my older sister."

Mapes said mentoring has given her new insight on the importance of nurturing relationships. "Mentoring has shown me to be more grateful for the relationships I have. After being involved with mentoring for a year now I want to make sure that I continue to invest in each of my relationships and make sure that I am being intentional with each and every one of them."


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