Woods County celebrates members at awards banquet


August 11, 2019

4-H Jacket Award Winners – (From left, back row) Gavin Cook, Kaylen Woods, Payton Smith, Price Poe, and Jake Inman; (front row) Kase Martin, Merritt Mantz, Whitney Hanks, Jenna Murrow and Shay Wilson. Not pictured: Morgann Martin.

The Woods County 4-H Achievement Banquet was held on Aug. 2 to recognize the accomplishments of 4-H members who completed a record book for 2018-2019.

Jaydan Coffman of the Alva 4-H club and Gavin Cook of Waynoka 4-H were given the Outstanding Senior Awards for the Woods County 4-H program. Kase Martin, Alva 4-H, and Payton Smith from Alva 4-H, were named the Outstanding Juniors for Woods County 4-H. Sponsors for these awards included Western Equipment, Alva State Bank and Trust Company, BancCentral and Wheeler Brothers Grain.

A 4-H Jacket is awarded to all first-year 4-H members who completed a record book in one of the 41 project areas. Jackets were awarded to Freedom 4-H member Shay Wilson; Waynoka 4-Her's Whitney Hanks, Gavin Cook, Price Poe and Jake Inman; and Alva 4-H members Morgann Martin, Kaylen Woods, Payton Smith, Kase Martin, Merritt Mantz and Jenna Murrow. Jacket sponsors include, Woods County Farm Bureau, Dacoma Farmer's Co-op Association, Devery Implement Company, Joe Shirley Seed Service and Gary Lott, DDS.

Each club chose a member for the Outstanding Club Member Award in 2019. This year's recipients were Austin Rankin of Waynoka, Domynik Link of Freedom, and Katelee Martin of Alva. These awards are sponsored annually by Farmer's Union Insurance, American Farmers and Ranchers and the Brooks Agency.

The 2019 Outstanding Volunteer Leader Award was presented to Waynoka 4-H Club leader Debra Rankin. Rankin has been a club leader since 2006 and has dedicated her time and devoted herself to improving the 4-H program and serving the youth in her club. As the Woods County 4-H Volunteer of the Year – her name was submitted to the State 4-H office for the "Salute to Excellence" award – for volunteers with more than 10 years of experience. The West District has 40 counties and Debra was named the 2019 West District 4-H Salute to Excellence award winner at the State Volunteer Conference in June.

The Woods County OHCE organization sponsored the Woods County OHCE 4-H Participation Awards. These winners were chosen for their strong participation in Woods County 4-H events and activities. 2019 Participation awards were presented to Davin Budy and Austin Rankin, from the Waynoka 4-H Club, by Paula McMurphy, OHCE County Treasurer.

4-H Project Medals and Certificates are presented to 4-H members who turn in a record book with work completed in their chosen project area. County Medals and Certificate awards were sponsored by the Woods Co. 4-H Volunteer Leaders Council.

Alva 4-H leaders Pam Coffman and Amber Bosch presented 4-H medals and certificates to: Jenna Murrow – Beef Medal; Merritt Mantz – Goat Certificate; Kase Martin – Goats Medal; Kayla Leeper – Leadership Medal and Public Speaking Medal; Kaylen Woods – Dog Medal; Katelee Martin – Public Speaking Medal; Brooklyn Murrow – Livestock Judging Medal; Jansen Shirley – Livestock Judging Medal; Payton Smith – Food Science Medal and Photography Medal; Tanith Erikson – Swine Medal and Food Science Medal; Myah Graves – Food Science Medal and Dog Medal; Avery McMurphy – Livestock Judging Medal; Addisann Weber – Dog Medal and Swine Medal; Jarin Shirley – Vet Science Medal; Jaydan Coffman – Childcare Medal; Morgann Martin – Swine Medal; Kate Leeper – Agriculture Medal; Ruston Erikson – Public Speaking Medal; Joe Parson – Food Service Certificate.

Freedom 4-H leader Tamara Link and Freedom Schools Superintendent Bryant Weber presented awards to: Domynik Link-Leadership Medal; TamLynn Link-Performing Arts Medal; Shay Wilson-Goat Certificate.

Waynoka 4-H leader Debra Rankin and Danielle Budy presented the following awards: Jake Inman – Swine Certificate; Price Poe – Consumer Science Certificate; Whitney Hanks – Food Science Medal; Davin Budy – Livestock Judging Medal and Wildlife Medal; Gavin Cook – Personal Development Medal and Pets Medal; Novaly Medrano – Swine Medal; Sagelyn Budy – Outdoor Recreation Medal and Citizenship Medal; Austin Rankin – Citizenship Medal.

The Danforth Award was presented to Waynoka 4-H member Austin Rankin. Austin received a copy of a book "I Dare You" by William H. Danforth, founder of the Ralston Purina Company who once said, "You have a four-fold life to live. A body, a brain, a heart and a soul –these are your living tools. To use and develop them is not a task. It is a golden opportunity."

The Darlene Like 4-H Community Service Award is given in memory of Darlene Like, a longtime Waynoka 4-H leader, to a 4-H member who has shown outstanding citizenship through community service. The 2019 Award was presented to junior member, Kayla Leeper from Alva 4-H.

Record Books are judged as part of the county fair awards. Placings are made according to the number of years the member has been in 4-H. First Year: 1st Place – Kase Martin; 2nd Place – Whitney Hanks; 3rd Place – Merritt Mantz; 4th Place – Price Poe; 5th Place – Jenna Murrow; Certificates: Jake Inman. Second Year: 1st Place – Katelee Martin; 2nd Place – Kaylen Woods; 3rd Place – Kayla Leeper. Third Year: 1st Place – Avery McMurphy; 2nd Place – Myah Graves; 3rd Place – Tanith Erikson, 4th Place – Payton Smith, 5th Place – Jansen Shirley. Fourth Year: 1st Place – Davin Budy; 2nd Place – Addisann Weber; 3rd Place – Domynik Link. Fifth Year: 1st Place – Jarin Shirley; 2nd Place – Gavin Cook. Sixth Year: 1st Place – Jaydan Coffman; 2nd Place – Novaly Medrano. Seventh Year: 1st Place – TamLynn Link; 2nd Place – Ruston Erikson; 3rd Place – Kate Leeper; 4th Place – Morgann Martin. Eighth Year: 1st Place – Sagelyn Budy; 2nd Place – Joe Parson. Ninth Year: 1st Place – Austin Rankin. These awards were sponsored by Woods County 4-H Volunteer Leaders and Woods County Fair Board.

Awards known as "Dollar Awards" were presented to 4-H members for special participation in four out of seven county-wide activities. Alva winners were: Kase Martin, Kayla Leeper, Kaylen Woods, Katelee Martin, Mackinze Mackey, Brooklyn Murrow, Jansen Shirley, Payton Smith, Tanith Erikson, Avery McMurphy, Brady Lott, Addisann Weber, Jaydan Coffman, Kate Leeper, Ruston Erikson. Waynoka awards went to: Price Poe, Whitney Hanks, Makinze Smith, Thomas Mathes, Davin Budy, Hunter Durkee, Gavin Cook, Sagelyn Budy, and Austin Rankin. Freedom winners were: Domynik Link and TamLynn Link.

Austin Rankin was also recognized for his second year as a State 4-H Ambassador.

Jaydan Coffman from Alva 4-H and TamLynn Link, Freedom 4-H, were recognized for their commitment and dedication in representing Woods County in the Oklahoma 4-H Music Corp program.

The Woods County Honorary 4-H Member Award was presented to the Lonestar OHCE Group for their significant time, effort and donations to the 4-H program.

The program was conducted by the Woods County 4-H Officer team consisting of President Austin Rankin, Waynoka. Vice-Presidents Sagelyn Budy, Waynoka; Domynik Link, Freedom and Jaydan Coffman, Alva. TamLynn Link, secretary; Robert Perot, reporter; Gavin Cook, song leader.

Approximately 124 4-H members, parents, leaders, sponsors and guests enjoyed a Chartwells catered meal. Some of the guests and sponsors in attendance included, Randy McMurphy, Woods County Commissioner and his wife, Paula, Chad Budy, Diana Nighswonger, Cody McMurphy, and Roscoe Like. Organizational leadership for Woods County 4-H Clubs is provided by Pam Coffman, Alva 4-H; Tamara Link, Freedom 4-H; and Debra Rankin, Waynoka 4-H. The Alva 4-H Club provided the decorations for the evening.

Woods County Honorary 4-H Member: OHCE Lonestar Group. Lonestar members are (from left) Angela Pearson, Jessica Hanks, Susan Holliday, Paula McMurphy, Hannah Kimbro.


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