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Blessing blocking


August 30, 2019

One of the personality disorders that plague me more than others is the unwillingness to trust other people to do good things in the Kingdom. The problem presents itself in a number of different ways. Please allow me to share just a few.

First of all, I tend to try to “lone ranger” the work of the church. When there is something that needs to be done, I don’t pick up the phone, I try to do it myself. If I’m not comfortable in doing it, I procrastinate and (sometimes) grumble about the things other people should be doing – even though I never mentioned, to them, that the thing should be done. And, in keeping with the “lone ranger” analogy, I often put the bite on my own resident “Tonto” (my wife/secretary Becky), who always seems to come through and save me at the last minute.

The above tendency to do it myself causes problems in a couple of other areas, as well. It often causes me to walk by sight and not by faith. Rather than trusting God for the outcome, I ponder whether or not I have the ability to do whatever needs to be done. I have no doubt (and have often repented as a result) that the Father could have done far more in my life if I had only allowed Him to use me as He saw fit, rather than as I saw my own ability. Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir, so to speak

I have also robbed others of the blessing of service they might have received if I had stepped aside and allowed them to fill the needs as they arose. Not only did I blessing block those fellow members/ministers, I may have inadvertently stopped them from seeking work to do as it was “already taken care of.”

However, on the happy side, I have lately been greatly impressed by a group of young adults who have spotted a need, risen to the occasion and begun a good work. Please join me in praying that they will continue the good work they have begun. See you Sunday.


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