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Thursday afternoon marked the start of another Woods County Free Fair


September 8, 2019

The booths had been rearranged in what two people described as fruit basket upset. Rather than a plot to confuse people, what really happened was the convicts helped set up the booths and got the plans turned upside down. I have had the same space forever, and not doing change very well, I traded name tags with the people that had my old spot. Fortunately, after being found out they were forgiving of my "Jim Moment."

The afternoon started out slow, but before the evening was over, we had a nice crowd. Justin and my brother Jeff showed up, so I got to eat twice at the fair kitchen. The food was good, but for some reason, it had flooded, and there was a guy mopping up the mess.

The pickings were a little slim for getting Christmas gifts this year. Probably the high point was tape measures from BancCentral. Alva State Bank was giving away ice cream floats. People told me they were very good, but probably wouldn't last till Christmas. Community Bank had some nifty bags to put gifts in. Thanks to all the merchants, planners, workers, livestock show people, and other exhibitors for taking the time to give us a very nice county fair.

I was disappointed the Alva Police Department was a no-show this year. They get a lot of good positive public image meeting people in a neutral setting.

I always give away kisses at the fair. Most ladies know what kind of kisses Cleo lets me give out, and just hold out their hand for the Hershey Kiss. If the price goes up much more on the candy, I may have to just give out handshakes. I told one lady this and she told me to keep bringing candy because she wasn't letting me hold her hand without having her taser close.

There was a great picture of brother Jeff's granddaughter, Athaiah, in Friday's paper.

I saw where the Democrats were calling for gun confiscations again. With the logic that taking away my guns will curb crime and mass shootings, cars should be next to be confiscated. Cars killed over 36,000 people in 2018 and mass shootings and gun violence killed over 14,000. Twenty-eight percent of the auto deaths were alcohol-related. Thirty-five hundred people died from drowning. I am not trying to belittle the fact that there are too many gun violence deaths in America, but you are more likely to be killed in an auto accident than by gun violence.

We had a complete travesty of justice recently. An officer was executed while serving an eviction notice down by Oklahoma City. The man was found guilty, and NOT given the death penalty. Not only did he not get what he had coming, the officer's family gets no closure, and I have to feed him for the next 20 years for killing a man doing his job.

This may not be as Christian an attitude as it should be, but I hope every morning for the rest of their lives the jury members at his trial that voted against the death penalty wake up to a vision of the slain officer and his family. Then they can look at the first family member they see and think, I would not inflict the death penalty on the person that kills them today. Sorry bleeding hearts, I want murderers dealt with severely and quickly.


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