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Great fun last weekend


September 29, 2019

Jack brought his three Falcons, son Jerry brought his Fairlane, and Bill Delaney from Albuquerque, New Mexico, brought a nifty S10 pickup. I brought the '79 Ranchero down after rescuing it from the shed and washing off an inch of dust on Saturday morning. I wasn't going to get it out, but the fine cars on the square got me over being lazy. Friday's free food was really great. There were lots of helpers, including the college softball girls, and plenty of people for free food. My hamburger was really good, and I am about to get over the hotlink I got. It was good, but hot didn't fully describe it.

Sunday morning was the Wesleyan church's free breakfast. Very good stuff. I met the preacher and his wife. All I can say about him is if he is as good at bringing people to Christ as he was at talking people into another brisket, they will need a larger building soon.

We had lots of friends old and new stop to visit. Not a lot of people owned Rancheros and tricked-up S10's, but nearly everyone either had or knew someone that owned a Falcon or Fairlane, so Jack and Jerry got a lot of comments on their cars. Thank you to everyone that had anything to do with the car show. Also, thanks to all the out-of-town car owners for coming to our fair city.

After driving on our streets in Alva, next year R.A.C.E should give away a free set of shock absorbers. In fairness to the street crews, there are a lot of smoother streets now than at the first of summer.

My friend Beetle's opinion of Alva's young people is positive. He and his wife moved here a while back. If you've ever been to a yard sale with knives and military miscellaneous you have met the Beetle. He traded for a '56 Chevy that has been cut down from a four-door into a two-door. Cool car. On the way home Saturday evening, it quit three blocks from his house.

While figuring out his next move, some kids came along and asked to help. One got some gas, but that was not the problem. The ones there hollered at some more friends and they PUSHED his car all the way home! He was really grateful for the help and wanted me to tell them that they know who they are, and he thanked them so much. He also said thanks to their parents for raising such wonderful, helpful kids. They are what makes a small town so great.

Probably the most intelligent statement this week was: Trying to impeach Trump is a waste of time. AMEN, brother. Let me expand. First, even if they do get an impeachment done, it has to be okayed by the senate and guess who controls it? Next, by the time it is finished, Trump's reign will be about over.

Let the voters decide if he needs to be ousted next November. Instead of spending all this time trying to get "something" on him or any other politicians, why don't you all work as hard on making good decisions on the important issues? The rising cost of medical care, stupid tariff wars, homeless people, starving Americans, veterans not being taken care of, and fostering more tolerance between races and people are what I care about. We have spent billions on the Clintons, Obama, and Trump trying to prosecute them for something real or imagined. Let's use this money for the betterment of our country. He who is without sin please throw the first stone.


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