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Where's my help, Donald?


October 13, 2019

President Trump has given farmers upwards of $16 billion in aid for the damage to them the China tariffs have caused. While I know some farmers will be affected and need help, it is not a fair gift.

Metals prices have dropped ever since the tariffs began. Right now I cannot get as much money for my product as I was giving for it before the tariffs started. I know other industries and businesses are suffering because of presidential lunacy, too.

With the coming recession having actually started, things will only get tougher. One thing I don't think the power brokers took into consideration is China has found other markets to buy from and sell to, and when the smoke clears, it may not have to buy our products.

Anyhow, if I have no luck getting support from Donald until things get better, does anyone have a job for an old guy? The first thing I will need to know is: do I have to know anything or do anything on my new job?

I was in Enid with Cleo for a doctor's appointment last week and stopped at Walmart for something. As we were checking out, Jack nudged me and said, "There is Wolfman Jack." I looked over to the next checkout and sure enough there he was. My mind went back about 60 years.

When I was about 13 years old I bought a small transistor radio. On a clear day, it would pick up the Alva station. At night, tuned just right, I could pick up WLS Chicago. It also would pick up a powerful Mexican station (XERB) late at night that was the home of the Wolfman Jack show. This station could be heard virtually all over the United States. His raspy voice and antics made him a favorite of many '60s rockers.

I went over to the man in Walmart and he told me he was no relation to the Wolfman, but was recognized as him everywhere he went. The only bummer for me was he didn't have the raspy voice. For a great nostalgia trip, find a copy of “American Graffiti” to watch. The Wolfman is in the show doing what he did best.

Justin attended the 10-4 on DC event last week in Washington, D.C. It was a truckers meeting to alert the people on trucking issues and new government regulations, and to show support for their industry. Forty-four trucks parked on the national mall and visited with the passersby and government officials. This was the second year for the event. On a side note, Justin's dog Speck was very impressed with the Lincoln Memorial, or at least she was until the police asked her to leave because it was a no dog zone.


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