October meeting of the Petunia Garden Club


October 27, 2019

The Petunia Garden Club met in the Fireside Room of the Cherokee Strip Museum on Oct. 9 hosted by Eleanor Ring. Greg Highfill, Woods County OSU Extension director, presented the program “Preparing for Fall.”

Highfill stated that now through November is a good time to plant and fertilize cool-season grasses such as fescue and rye. Deciduous trees and shrubs may also be planted. He mentioned planting pansies, kale and cabbage in October, which is an excellent time to control broadleaf weeds in established warm or cool-season lawns with a post-emergent broadleaf weed killer.

Spring flowering bulbs should be planted in well-drained soils with good sunlight. Planting depth is two times the bulb diameter. Nov. 15 to March 15 is when homeowners should prune dying and broken branches as well as the branches growing inward or crossing or rubbing on existing trees.

Highfill reminded us to clean and store our tools and remember to do winter watering as well as draining and storing water hoses and to wrap hydrants. Also to drain gasoline from power equipment or use fuel stabilizer before winter storage.

These facts are available at the Woods county OSU Extension Office on the ground floor of the county courthouse. Ask for fact sheet HLS-6408, “Landscaping Maintenance Schedule.”

Following refreshments, President Betty McMurphy called the meeting to order with members repeating the Gardener's Creed in unison. Mrs. McMurphy thanked the hostess and welcomed new member Shirley Bellah. The minutes were read by Secretary Janet Wanger and Marilyn Davison presented the treasurer's report.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 13, with Barbara Faulkner hosting and Marilyn Davison as co-host.


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