Waynoka school board learns about joint STEM project with NWOSU


February 12, 2020

Kathleen Lourde

Waynoka technology teacher Thure Tolson told the school board about a STEM project his students will be participating in with Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

The Waynoka School Board met Monday morning, and among the first items on the agenda was a presentation by Thure Tolson, Waynoka's technology teacher, on a new joint STEM project with Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU).

"We have a real neat opportunity for our students to work with Dr. Aaron Place up at Northwestern," said Tolson. Along with colleagues from universities in Texas and Maryland, Dr. Place will be conducting a study involving tracking wildlife. The students will construct the devices that will do the tracking – devices that will be part game camera, part digital timer, and part MP3 player. The devices will play a sound designed to attract animals, and then snap their pictures.

"I don't know what the study's premise is – if it's about predators or prey animals or what type of responses they're looking for," said Tolson.

The device is with an engineer right now to have the specifications fully written out and instructions for construction developed. Then it'll be the students' turn to build the devices.

"Our students would be responsible for 20 units by April 1," said Tolson. "The plan is to split it between at least two if not all four of my high school technology classes," he said. "The students will get recognition when they write their final paper."

Tolson said he thought the study would be conducted over the course of a year.

Before getting on with the rest of their business, the board approved the consent agenda consisting of previous meetings' minutes; reports on the general, building activity, and bond funds; encumbrances for the general, building and bond funds; and change orders.

Elementary Principal Report

Elementary Principal Patricia Burrows told the board about the elementary school's 100th Day of School celebration.

"In celebration for the 100th Day of School, pre-K through sixth grades acquired items for the Blessings Box," she said. "Pre-K and kindergarten collected pudding cups. First and second grades brought in juice boxes. Third and fourth grades gathered Ramen noodles, while fifth and sixth compiled peanut butter crackers. Each class's goal was to collect 50 items, then combine with their partnering class to make 100. This service project was very successful and almost every class doubled their goal of 50."

Other 100th Day of School fun included elementary students and teachers doing 100 exercises on the 100th minute of school. Third grade drew a self-portrait of what they thought they would look like at 100 years old. Fourth grade wrote 100 ways to be kind. Many grades counted grouped and stacked different amounts to make 100.

Basketball season for the fifth and sixth graders ended Jan. 27. Track, softball and baseball practices started Feb. 10.

Sickness and the flu hit the RAIL Club hard in January, but 29 achieved the perfect attendance and good behavior goals for the month, she said.

Junior/Senior High School Principal Report

Waynoka just finished celebrating FFA Week, said Principal Dustin Smith. The highlight of that was the Ag Olympics, he said, which was made even more exciting by the participation of K101 radio station.

"We had a local livestock show Saturday," said Smith. The boosters and Mr. Lockwood did a great job of putting that on, and we had an excellent judge."

The county livestock show is next week, Smith said, and Districts are the two weeks after that in Woodward.

On Feb. 18, Superintendent Cline will take the FFA officers to the FFA Day at the Capitol. The next day, Feb. 19, FCCLA students will compete in regional STAR events.

Senior Night was last Friday, Smith said. "We had a good turnout! That was due to the elementary cheerleader camp."

The last regular season basketball game was Feb. 11, and districts are this weekend at Balko, he said.

"We had Junior High Academics Tryout last month, and we'll have another this month. The date is to be determined; the host school sets that date, he said.

Feb. 12 is the school's Guidance Day, he said. These come along once a month and consist of an hour in the afternoon where different future opportunities are discussed. For example, the various branches of the military will come by to talk with the kids for recruitment purposes at that time.

Superintendent Report

"We've collected $100,000 more than last year at this point," said Cline, "but it all depends on when people pay their taxes." The building fund also has $100,000 more in it than it did at this time last year.

"Financially, we're sitting pretty decent," he said. "Gross production has tapered off. We've lost about 50 percent of our gross production at this point. That's not a very good sign with us off the formula, but hopefully things will pick back up."

He updated the board on construction progress.

"They're still hoping by the end of this month to be out of the new addition," said Cline, "pending any fire marshal walk-through changes that he makes. We can see a dim light at the end of the tunnel."

Other Board Business

The board voted to approve FCCLA fundraiser requests. The FCCLA plans to raise funds via candygrams and penny wars.

After going into executive session to discuss the evaluation and reemployment of both Burrows and Smith. Upon return to open session, the board voted to continue both principals' employement.


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