Woods County courthouse Security Measures for the Public


March 20, 2020

Physical security of the courthouse and a safe working environment is essential for the duration of this emergency. Several physical security policies have been enacted to protect operations, which are as follows:

1. The courthouse doors will remain locked at all times.

2. The public's access will be limited to only allow entrance for necessary and specific reasons such as to attend court.

3. Individuals are able to enter the courthouse for specific reasons but only after being summoned or scheduling an appointment.

4. If a person is summoned or an appointment is scheduled, the officer or deputy needs to email the sheriff's office that person's name and an approximate time so that they may gain entry to the courthouse.

5. The sheriff's staff or other designated employees will conduct a proper screening of each person before granting access to the courthouse. If the screening is positive for any of the questions or indicators as recommended by health officials the person will not be granted access.

6. Once a person is granted access to the courthouse they will be confined to only the portion necessary to conduct their business. Once their business is concluded they will promptly exit the courthouse.

7. Signage will be displayed at each entrance instructing the public on the procedure.

8. Each individual officer will designate a particular place for a person to conduct business in their office. The place needs to be so that physical separation is maintained. The place also needs to have the ability to be cleaned and disinfected easily.

9. The northeast door will be open to the public for the persons that have appointments. Drop boxes are being installed for every office for the public's convenience.

It is important to limit the number of people that enter the courthouse. If you are able to conduct business via mail, email or fax that would be preferred.

Events, Activities

All non-county business, non-health related events, or activities are suspended on all Woods County Controlled Property and buildings.

Commissioner Meetings

Commissioner meetings will be open to the public through the southeast doors of the courthouse and open only to the commissioner office with a limit of 10 people. Another room will be provided for any additional audience by speaker phone.


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