Spiritually Speaking: Humility meets Gravity


I’d like to take a break from our survey of Hebrews and dedicate this week’s article to a few moments of personal thanksgiving. It’s OK with me if you tag your praises alongside mine – even write them in the margins of the paper – I’m sure Marione won’t mind. In the middle of all the tense pushing and pulling that seems to fill our eyes and ears these days, let’s just spend a moment enjoying our recent victories. Ninety days ago, I defied gravity ... for about 1 second. Gravity won. However, today, my surgeon said, “Call me if you need me. You don’t need another appointment.” I have learned so much from my time of recuperation and physical therapy. And God gets all the praise.

Mainly, I learned a great deal about humility. When things are going well, it’s easy to suppose that you are doing things right, well, and with great prowess. When you are unable to button your own shirt or stand up long enough to address “an adoring group of your fans,” you quickly realize how important the people around you really are. There are some folks you expect to get involved, like your wife and family. Becky lived at the hospital until the COVID regulations sent her home (I followed closely thereafter). Then, of course, there’s the leadership of the congregation where you attend. Elders and deacons were at my bedside before my brain figured out I was really in trouble. They were joined by leadership from other churches in town and those who could not come to the hospital personally sent messages and assurances that their own church families were in prayer for my recovery. Meanwhile, I was in the hands of wonderful people I had never met and may never see again.

I would love to say that my own prayer life flourished. I don’t remember much about those first few weeks – wheelchairs and walkers and nurses I didn’t know, waiting outside the bathroom in case I needed them. But other people were in prayer; people who might otherwise think the preacher is the spiritual one. Like I said, I mainly learned humility. Thank you. See you Sunday.


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