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William 'Billy' Ross. Ponder this name for a few paragraphs


Happy Father's Day to all the stand-up men in the world! Especially to my dad for all he has done for his family. Your reward? There is a casino in your future.

Brian and I went to the meeting on the square Tuesday evening. We went for curiosity and the food, mostly the food. A crowd of around 50 people showed up. After a prayer, there was a time of silence to respect the death of Mr. Floyd. The main speaker talked about racism and some of the ways it sneaks into regular conversation.

I try to pick on everyone equally with my jokes, but I have a few jokes that have been put on the do not tell list over the years because of the thin-skinned society we live in. The police chief spoke about some experiences, and then we ate. The hot dogs were really good, but next meeting maybe we can have drinks and chips to go with them. Thanks to the law enforcement for the food and support.

Their presence must have worked, because it was a very peaceful rally. If this is done again, a little more notice of intent to gather might help the crowd numbers.

William "Billy" Ross: A week ago today Mr. Ross's daughter was having an argument with her 1-year-old child's father. The man was becoming violent and going to injure her. When Mr. Ross stepped in to protect her, the Black boyfriend pulled out a gun and shot Mr. Ross several times right in front of both of their daughters.

Very sad all the way around, but here is my question. Where are all the protestors, Black Lives Matter people and outrage about this horrible happening? Is this kept quiet because there were no policemen involved to blame for this man's death? What if it was a white boyfriend and Black father? Would that be more politically correct for Black Lives Matter to condemn this tragedy?

I may call my racial bigot friends, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and Jessie Jackson, and try to make a deal with them if they will go to the African American population and have them to stop acting like they are owed something just because they are breathing. Tell them to respect the laws and the people that enforce them. Take control of their young people and work toward educating them and how to get along without escalating situations to a bad end.

When they are stopped for whatever reason, even if it is a wrongful stop, put up with it like a normal person and don't provoke incidents needlessly. Show some respect, even if the officer is truly in the wrong, and get out of the situation alive, then complain up the food chain like it is your right to do.

Use Black Americans that are not radicals or criminals for role models. I'm sorry, but thugs that have been killed for putting themselves in danger are not role models.

There are so many positive Black role models around that should be shown to young people as what hard work can get you. There was a Black man that became president, and what greater American dream is there to aspire to for other people?

In exchange for all these changes in attitude and actions by the Black community, here is what you get. What I propose is for all races, really, in the United States, making an even playing field. Do you really want the job just because of your race and not because you earned it? Apply for work, and if help is needed you can be hired (show up without attitude, and act like you want to train and work).

Get educated to the best of your ability. If your family cannot afford to send you, call your Congressman or colleges and show them you are the future of our country and need a chance. There may be an individual that will help a good mind excel. Don't just give up; earn your right to education. We should be the best educated country in the world, but are way down on the list because the brightest minds go by the wayside much too often.

Police forces need to be comprised of officers that do the same job with all races. It will help if you don't make their job tougher than it already is. I want the same fair, but firm, officers as a Black man does. I realize it is a different world in the cities, but if all officers were as good as the ones in our area, it would be great.

Still not satisfied with the police plan? Well why don't you become an officer, and protect and serve your people? Run for public offices and make changes the right way. Sounds like I am not offering special treatment for what happened 150 plus years ago (let the past live in history and let's live for the future), free handouts, or special treatment. You are right. I want you to have the same chance as me, no more or no less. That's it for better or worse. Everyone have a blessed week.


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