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Share Convalescent and Homestead show May profits


Marione Martin

Kristi Moorman makes her final report as director of the Homestead to the Alva Hospital Authority Tuesday.

Both Share Convalescent Home and the Homestead made profits during May, according to financial reports from Interim CFO Steve Knox. He was reporting to the Alva Hospital Authority trustees during their June 23 meeting.

Share Convalescent Home

Knox said the nursing home made a profit of $30,603 in May following a loss of $633 in April. Share Convalescent Home had an operating cash balance for May of $253,203, representing 27.1 days of operating expenses, excluding depreciation. Accounts receivable balance was $576,060, up $14,222 over April. Accounts payable balance for May was $60,946. This represents 18.8 days of operating expenses, excluding costs related to salaries, benefits and depreciation.

Convalescent Home gross patient revenue for the month totaled $326,260 which was a $31,776 increase compared to the prior month. Total patient days for May were 1,435 compared to 1,371 in April. Medicaid room rate reimbursement was the same as the charged room rate.

Convalescent Home operating expenses excluding salaries, benefits and depreciation for May totaled $93,932, a decrease of $12,272 compared to the prior month. Knox commented that Administrator Kelly Parker is doing a good job saving on labor by hiring more staff instead of relying on contract help from agencies.

Parker appeared at the meeting wearing a tropical shirt and lei. He explained the convalescent home was celebrating Tropical Tuesday as part of Nurse Aide Week. He said American Monday included sparklers and Wednesday would be Twins Day.

Parker reported the nursing home had increases in the census, or number of residents, in April and May. They are expecting two or three more admissions in the next week. "June should be better than May," he said.

The new nurse call system is in place and working well, Parker said. The previous weekend no single call waited more than 15 minutes for a response. This system identifies the date and time of each call and how long it took for a response. Parker said they examine any response times over 15 minutes to determine what happened. They hope to get most call responses down to ten minutes.

Parker said quite a few new nurse aides have been hired. This will cause salary expense to increase but the more expensive costs for agency labor will go down.

While the convalescent home is still not allowing visitors, they are hopeful they can move into the second phase soon. They must follow guidelines set by the state health department. Under phase two, some visitors will be allowed with screening and scheduling in a certain part of the building. Eventually under phase three, the beauty salon will be opened with restrictions.

Parker said Share Convalescent Home has remained COVID-free and intends to stay that way.

Knox presented the FY 2020-2021 budget for Share Convalescent. He projected a three percent increase in revenue and a five percent increase in expenses while lowering agency costs by $100,000.

Next year's capital budget includes replacement of plumbing for an estimated cost of $450,000.

Parker said the plumbing work is really needed. The convalescent home had been without water off and on all day due to work on a water leak. He said the amount cited was a rough estimate of the cost. They want to replace about half of the plumbing to start, but it will be in various parts of the facility that have the most need.

Dr. Kenneth Brown asked if some rooms would have water service cut off during the project. Parker said they can shut off various areas separately. They have enough room capacity that they can move residents around as needed to accomplish the work without inconveniencing residents.

Both budgets were approved.

The Homestead

The Homestead retirement facility showed a profit of $2,409. The profit was even higher for the preceding two months with $7,831 in April and $13,742 in March.

Revenue for meals has been greatly decreased from a level of over $6,000 in January, to $2,366 in April and $3,153 in May. This is attributed to a decreased number of meals delivered to the county jail where the number of prisoners dropped due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Homestead Director Kristi Moorman said this would be her last report to the trustees. She and her family are moving back to northeastern Oklahoma to pre-retire and live on Grand Lake. She said she had spent a "wonderful two years" in Alva and at Share Medical.

After the number of residents has stayed so static, Moorman said they are expecting some new residents for a two bedroom and a one bedroom apartment. A man from Pennsylvania has reserved a room for Aug. 1.

The Homestead opened 22 years ago, and it is starting to show its age. Moorman said a hot water heater is "on the fritz." Some air conditioner compressors are down, and the facility's car has air conditioner problems. The large assets of the facility belong to the City of Alva which is responsible for those maintenance and replacement expenses. Moorman said they are not at full capacity so they are not using the rooms without air conditioning. They are also operating with only one water heater which might not be workable if they add more residents.

Although the Homestead had a lot of jail meals cut out, they have been serving meals to some NWOSU students who were quarantined.

The community garden is just getting started. Flowers are planted in the area closest to the Homestead building. Moorman said residents have been out watering and tending to the plants.

Knox went over next year's budget for the Homestead. He said revenue was increased three percent while wages, supplies and utilities were increased by five percent. The budget shows a profit of $123,000 which is in line with what was done last year. The trustees approved the FY 2020-2021 budget.

Knox said there is no capital budget for the Homestead as the city takes care of those expenses. However, they would like to have a used nine passenger vehicle if someone would like to buy one for them or contribute to the purchase.


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