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Those Democrats are pretty tricky sometimes


I found out why “The Donald's” trip to Tulsa was a bust. The Democrats sent tickets for a free Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen to all the Republicans attending, valid during the rally.

Cleo and I have been getting meals from the senior citizen kitchen for a few weeks. I have eaten there in the past but never had gotten carryout meals. They had something I really liked, and so it began. I don't eat there every day, but everything we get is really good. You kinda have to enjoy broccoli because it shows up every once in a while, which is okay because someone told me it is old people's food and we are getting to be old people.

On Wednesday, you will get a half gallon of milk with your meal. One day I got a goodie box of stuff. They have cute delivery girls that bring the food out to your car, so you just drive up, pay, collect the food, and drive away. You need to call the day before to get a meal, then pick up between 10:30 and 11 a.m. the next day. If you are homebound, they will deliver. You can find the menu in the Newsgram, or Edith will give you the month-long menu at the center. The charge is by donation. Suggested donation is $3, but if you have nothing I suspect you will not starve. I give $10 for our two meals, which is a good price for what we get to eat. It is a good, fast, cheap place to eat, and your participation helps keep the numbers up and the center open. The kingpin is Edith Wiebener. She told me they served 2,250 meals in June, with the volunteers delivering 38 meals a day to shut-ins. The delivery is cool, because not only do folks get a hot meal, but the delivery person may be the only live conversation they get that day.

Another possibility is if you have a home-bound friend or relative, contemplate getting them noon meals. Remember old people have wills, and food may get you mentioned! Also, remember the Goldbug Gulp and Gallop for your young people. They serve 70–100 meals a day. I see where they could use some volunteers, so here is a great way to give back. Thank you all for caring for both places.

A great big hand for all the area communities and volunteers that had July 3, 4, 5 activities.

I found a program that needs to be listened to nationwide. It is on Facebook from the Hodgetwins, June 25. It is a 12-minute program on the views of Black celebrities on race in America. It will open your eyes no matter what race you are because it hits home across the board. Please take the time to watch it and share it with your friends. I did okay until near the end when one of the greatest Americans to ever live, Martin Luther King Jr., had one of his speeches. I was teared up by the end, and you will be too.

I stand corrected. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a line from the song "Signs." I said it was sung by the Eagles. When I looked at my story on Sunday, I realized my mistake. It was done by The Five Man Electrical Band. I thought I had gotten away with the mistake until I ran into another old music-loving hippy. She basically said I might be getting senile if I couldn't keep the bands and songs sorted out. Thanks, Karla.

God bless everyone, and don't get overheated.


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