No action taken in the reassignment of Alfalfa County's 911 head of dispatch


September 16, 2020

At this week's Alfalfa County commissioners meeting Monday, Jay Hague, Stan Tucker and Marvin Woodall had a pretty easy agenda to tackle.

As usual, they began by approving last meeting minutes and maintenance and operation payment warrants. There were no blanket purchases.

Commissioners made some changes to District 1 requisitioning and receiving officers. A request to add Nancy Lambert – the commissioners administrative assistant – as a requisitioning officer, and change receiving officer from Lambert to Tony Gates was approved.

Next, a declaration of surplus from the sheriff's office for a 2004 4WD Crew Chevy pickup (Inv. no. B331 100.08, Serial no. 2GCEK13Tl41398339) was made, followed by a transfer document for the pickup.

The next agenda item called for the reinstatement of Sheriff Rick Wallace as a department head of 911 and 911 dispatchers. The director of 911, Sarah Wagner, and dispatcher Melissa Leslie, were in the gallery. Leslie vocalized her wishes to commissioners, saying she would like the change not to take place.

"Speaking as a dispatcher, I have spoken to most of the dispatchers, and we don't want him over us," she said. She said the dispatching office is doing well under Sarah and doesn't have any problems. "Rick, when he's over us, there's too many people telling us what to do. One person will say one thing, another person will say another, and it just gets disorganized …. He didn't want us before; he got rid of us then. Why does he want us back now?"

Wallace, also in the gallery, spoke up. "I will say this: If it's going to cause this much dissension, and you all feel like you want to keep it, that's fine. I want to do what's good for this county, to better the county, so, therefore, I would say, Jay, if you all want to keep it under the commissioners, feel free to."

Wagner told the commissioners that she thinks it should go through one board meeting, that it hasn't been discussed at all by the board.

Woodall said this is the first he's heard about it and that he would like to listen to both sides.

Wallace then emphasized his wish of not causing dissension within Alfalfa County.

Hague moved to take no action, and the motion carried.

After that, the officials approved a $9,044.64 transfer from the County General Maintenance and Operation account (0001-1-2000-2005) to the Agriculture Contractual Services account (0001-5-0900-2020) for September and October's contractual services until the budget is approved.

Commissioners then addressed two resolutions and funding agreements. One was for Project #J3-1127(004)CI the other for Project #J3-1772(004)CI. Both were between Alfalfa County and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation ODOT, and both were approved.

Following those approvals, a bid for a 10-foot arena drag/arena groomer with a watering system (for Alfalfa County Fairgrounds) was awarded to Kiser Arena Specialists. Their offer came in at $19,000, which was just over $1,000 less than the other bid from ABI Attachments.

The last item on the commissioners' to-do list was a movement of the Highway Insurance Investment Account and the Special Highway Depository Account into the County Highway Unrestricted account.

Alfalfa County Treasurer Valerie Vetter was on hand and explained to the three men that the money in those two accounts have been on her general ledger since she's been in office. The investment account has $60,855.02, and there has been no activity in it. The depository account holds $6,496.09 and was created to use funds for County General if needed, or for Highway.


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