ATV driver arrested for DUI, attempting to elude officer


October 28, 2020

An ATV driver blamed his excessive speed on his passenger needing to go to the bathroom. Alcohol and a firearm added to his problems with law enforcement.

According to court records, on Friday, Oct. 9, at approximately 10:15 p.m. Adam Honeyman was on duty as an Oklahoma park ranger at the Little Sahara State Park (LSSP) south of Waynoka. He observed a Polaris Razor depart from the exit of the dune riding access gate in the Buttercup Campgrounds at LSSP. The driver failed to stop at the stop sign and accelerated across the campgrounds in a careless and wanton manner.

Honeyman immediately activated his patrol vehicle’s red and blue lights as well as the siren. The vehicle fled the campgrounds northbound on Sahara Drive toward the City of Waynoka. While pursuing the vehicle on the public roadway which accesses the north campgrounds, Honeyman exceeded 80 mph. He made radio contact with Waynoka Police Officer Shawn Halper requesting assistance.

The driver exited the paved roadway continuing to travel northbound on the City of Waynoka’s “ATV Trail” at reckless and excessive speeds. He turned eastbound onto Ash Street from the trail, again failing to stop at a posted stop sign. The vehicle accelerated east on Ash Street before ultimately stopping near Ash and Missouri Streets in the Waynoka.

The driver was removed from the vehicle at gunpoint. The driver, later identified as Justin Cole Tyree, complied with Honeyman’s commands, assuming a handcuffing position. Ranger Honeyman immediately noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage about Tyree’s breath as he placed him in handcuffs.

After Tyree was secured, Waynoka Police Officer Halper and Ranger Steve Rogers arrived at the location. Tyree had a passenger identified as Sharon Lynn Mounce. As Honeyman approached Mounce, he observed she was holding an open beer in her hand. He asked how she was able to still be holding the beer. She told him she just held it higher in the air on the trail to keep it from spilling on her.

Honeyman noted that Mounce had a strong odor of alcohol about her breath and person as she spoke to him. At Honeyman’s request, Halper removed her from the vehicle and placed her into handcuffs. She was informed she was under arrest for public intoxication and transporting an open container of alcohol.

Honeyman spoke with Tyree who said he was unaware the ranger was behind him throughout the chase, and the only reason he could provide for his reckless driving was that Mounce needed to go to the bathroom. According to the affidavit, Tyree passed an obvious comfort station in the Buttercup Campgrounds which Mounce could have used. Honeyman conducted the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test on Tyree receiving 6 of 6 possible clues that he was intoxicated by alcohol. Tyree was offered a preliminary breath test device which he refused.

Tyree was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and attempting to elude a peace officer. He was placed in the backseat of Honeyman’s patrol vehicle.

A search of the Polaris Razor Tyree was driving incident to impound revealed a chamber-loaded Ruger LCP II .380 caliber pistol. An Alva wrecker service was contacted to come take possession of the vehicle. Shortly after, Tyree’s mother arrived at the location of the stop. She requested the vehicle be released to her. The wrecker driver had not left Alva so Honeyman canceled the wrecker and released the vehicle to Tyree’s mother with Tyree’s agreement.

Tyree and Mounce were transported to the Woods County Jail.


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