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October 17, 2021

Ask any person of the Jewish race what the year 1938 means to them, and the answer will be that was the year Hitler started tattooing numbers on Jews. Because of the number, travel was limited, the ability to do business was made harder, jobs were lost, and access was denied some places. Keep in mind this was a government-sanctioned program. Fast forward to 2021, America. If you have not gotten a government sanctioned shot and don't have documentation, you may be denied access to certain places, travel may become difficult, and you may not be allowed to work at your job. Remember history; this is a government-sanctioned program.

I am not minimizing the seriousness of the Covid virus. Precautions must be taken. Forcing people out of jobs because of a decision to not get the shot with the shortage of workers is nearly criminal in itself. As long as non-shot individuals are willing to mask up, keep sanitized, and go the extra mile to keep themselves and coworkers safe, let's not lose another freedom of choice. Also, the IRS wants to force banks to give them starting and year-ending figures from their private accounts. With this information they can decide if you are worth going after for real or imagined transgressions.

Folks, as you read this, a politician somewhere is planning a move to remove another freedom. Sadly, it is not a one-party problem. It is time to quit being Democrats or Republicans, and become united Americans regardless of race and differences of opinion, to stand together and say enough is enough. Just remember statistically, a gun is much less likely to be used in a crime than a senator.

Cleo and I were still a bit under the weather Saturday morning, so a trip downtown for the parade wasn't a good plan. A friend told me that NWTV would have a live feed, and the local radio station had the play by play. Thanks to both for letting us enjoy the parade from the comfort of our chairs. The only thing they should do next year is to pull the parade in closer to the camera. You could see the stuff go by, but could not read any of the writing on the cars and floats. To all the people that worked so hard on planning, preparation, and participating in the 2021 Homecoming parade, thank you all.

Fans of college football who love excitement are having a blast. Purists who love the old hold-em and control games? Not so much. Point in fact, last Saturday had total points basketball scores with six games in the 70s, four in the 80s, one in the 90s, and two over-100 points scored, one of which was the OU-Texas game at a whopping 103. These weren't blowouts, but just running up and down the field by both teams. The only game that even looked like a defensive struggle was E Michigan at Miami (OH) at 13 to 12. The new theme song for college football is being patterned after a sixties song. It's called, "Where has all the defense gone?"

A lady came by the salvage Thursday looking for one of her dogs. It is always easy to tell when there is a dog around my place. Cats are scattered everywhere. Anyhow, on the way home I met her and asked if she had found her dog? "Yes," she said, "The dummy was waiting on the porch for me to quit hunting and come home."

Bubba said he shot his first turkey Friday. It scared the crap out everyone in the frozen food section, but it was awesome!

Let's all be safe out there and God bless.


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