Alva, Waynoka have increases in sales tax collections

November sales tax collections representing tax receipts from September business were up in two Woods County cities. Alva sales tax collections of $327,403.74 were up nearly four percent compared to the same month a year ago at $314,848.20. Alva has a 4.25 percent city sales tax. October collections for Alva were $335,874.32. Use tax collections were $31,194.96, down 17 percent from last year’s $47,551.96. Use tax is collected on sales of items outside the city that are delivered to city residents such as online shopping.

Waynoka received $42,514.68 this month, up one percent from the $42,093.07 received a year ago. Waynoka’s sale tax rate is 4.0 percent. In October, Waynoka received $33,444.65 in sales tax collections. Waynoka’s use tax for November was $8,752.56, up from the $6,064.45 for the same month last year.

Freedom’s November sales tax collections totaled $2,157.79, down 12 percent from the $2,459.15 in the same month last year. Freedom collects a 2 percent sales tax. In October, Freedom received $1,836.90. Freedom does not collect use tax.

Woods County sales tax collections for November were up almost 31 percent with $72,092.52 collected this month compared to $55,208.13 a year ago. Woods County collects a one-half percent tax. Woods County use tax was up by 37.8 percent with $12,371.61 received this year compared to $8,981.18 a year ago.

For several years, Alva has had one of the highest sales tax rates in the state at 4.25 percent. That’s no longer the case. Effective Oct. 1, both Harrah and Locust Grove increased their sales tax rates to 5 percent.

Overall, the sales tax collections returned to cities and towns by the Oklahoma Tax Commission in November increased by $21,497,356 with $180,055.356 distributed. Use tax disbursements to cities and towns totaled $29,225,271 for November.

In county returns, the counties shared in a $29,824,497 sales tax disbursement and a $5,007,780 use tax disbursement.


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