Woods County commissioners won't pursue federal facility


December 15, 2021

After learning last week about the possibility of locating a storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in the county, the Woods County commissioners say they have been inundated with negative comments. The three commissioners said they are no longer interested in pursuing the idea after obtaining more information and after all the negative comments from county residents.

Commissioners David Hamil, Randy McMurphy and John Smiley were present for the Monday, Dec. 13, meeting. Jennifer Shafer came to the table briefly with a stack of bid documents. The commissioners voted to have her open and categorize the six-month bids before bringing them back to the meeting for action.

The commissioners approved a flood plain permit for the City of Alva.

A transfer of money from two CBRI accounts was approved. The total will be split with $3,003.65 coming from a District 2 CBRI account and $10,000 from a different CBRI account. One is an old account and the other is a new account set up at the recommendation of the auditor. The money will go into the ETR fund to pay for a no interest loan McMurphy’s District 2 took out to pay for road work supplies.

The commissioners voted to accept the 2021 JAG (justice assistance grant) grant for the sheriff’s department for $9,726. The money will be used to purchase automatic defibrillators.

A 2022 REAP grant contract for $57,378.89 was approved for a rural water district work truck and equipment. The commissioners also approved a transfer of appropriations from general sales tax to general rural water project in the same amount. This will cover expenses for the project which will then be reimbursed by the grant.

The following sheriff’s monthly report was approved:

Sheriff’s Office Collections $2,582.88

Board of Prisoners Expenses $3,259.18

The commissioners also approved longevity payroll, warrants, claims and blanket purchase orders.


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