Alva man facing drug charge after traffic stop


January 9, 2022

A traffic stop resulted in a felony drug charge for an Alva man.

According to court records, on Dec. 1 at 12:52 p.m. Woods County Undersheriff Keith Dale observed a Ford F-250 traveling east in the 1500 block of Oklahoma Boulevard. From current and previous law enforcement investigations, he knew the vehicle belonged to Shawn Green and had an expired temporary tag attached.

Dale initiated his emergency lights, and the vehicle stopped in the Shepherd’s parking lot. Dale approached the driver’s side front door and asked the driver for his driver’s license. The driver, later identified as Johnathan Lynn Arthur Coleman, said he did not have a valid license. Dale observed the front seat passenger to be Stephanie Miller and the rear passenger to be Teresa Altobella, both known drug users, according to the affidavit.

Undersheriff Dale instructed Coleman to exit the vehicle and speak with him. Coleman immediately said he had warrants for his arrest in Beckham County. When asked if he had any illegal substances on his person, Coleman stated he did not know. When Dale asked him to empty his pockets onto the hood of the patrol car, he pulled out a cigarette pack which had a clear plastic baggie containing 1.8 grams of methamphetamine tucked inside the cellophane of the wrapper.

Dale placed Coleman into handcuffs and told him he was not under arrest but merely being placed into handcuffs for his and Dale’s safety. Dale placed Coleman in the front passenger seat of his patrol unit while he radioed to Woods County dispatch to send additional law enforcement to check Coleman’s driver’s license status and for any active warrants.

Coleman told Dale he had felony warrants in Beckham County for eluding a police office and assault and battery on a police officer. He also said there was a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine located between the driver’s seat and the console of the vehicle. Coleman told Dale that they, meaning the occupants of the vehicle, were on the way to the casino; however he could not tell Dale what casino they were going to.

Alva Police Officer Ron Vasquez and Woods County Deputy Kyle Fuller arrived, and the officers began searching the vehicle where Dale located the glass pipe containing methamphetamine.

Woods County dispatch confirmed that Coleman’s Oklahoma driver’s license was suspended, and he had warrants for his arrest in Beckham and Blaine counties.

Coleman was placed under arrest and transported to the Woods County Sheriff’s Office to complete the book in process. Before entering the jail, Dale asked Coleman if he had any more drugs on his person, and he said no. Dale conducted a search and found three additional baggies or bundles, weighing approximately 1.4 grams, 0.9 grams and 0.5 grams, of methamphetamine in the coin pocket of his jeans. Coleman had $42.60 on his person at the time of book in.

Based on his education, experience and training, Undersheriff Dale knows people who possess small user amounts of controlled dangerous substances in multiple packages are commonly involved in the sale and distribution of controlled dangerous substances. He states in the affidavit he is also aware casinos are a common place for the distribution and sale of controlled dangerous substances.

A limited records check on Coleman revealed an extensive criminal history including arrests and convictions for sexual assault, burglary, drug possession, domestic violence, trespassing, fugitive from justice, assault and battery on a police officer, counterfeiting, eluding, and escape after lawful arrest.

On Jan. 4 in Woods County, Johnathan Lynn Coleman, 36, of Alva, was charged with possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine) with intent to distribute, a felony. This crime is punishable by imprisonment for up to seven years and/or a fine of up to $100,000.


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