Holy mackerel, Mabel


January 23, 2022

I had hopes 2022 would be calmer, better family health, and less excitement. One out of three isn't bad.

Cleo is muddling along and holding her own – calmer and less excitement.

Well, the jury is still out on the rest. Last Sunday I went to feed the cats, and could see the pile of iron that a pickup was blocking. Someone had stolen my truck.

I alerted the police and called the usual suspects (friends) that might have borrowed it. The officer told me it probably was sitting somewhere around town. In a while he called and had me go to where he had found it. The owner had cameras so he showed up, and in a little bit the thief was discovered.

I took my truck home, and in a little bit the officer called and wanted me to see what of my stuff he had taken from my truck. The suspect was arrested and hauled away. The thief had tried every vehicle at the salvage before finding one he could drive away in. I have since changed my key program, because he was a former helper, and knew where to look.

Many thanks to the two officers that got my truck back quickly and took another thief off the streets for a day or two.

I see where in Los Angles thieves are robbing trains with packages uncontrollably. The picture I saw showed boxes scattered up and down the tracks for blocks. There have been arrests, but as one crook said arrest was a minor setback, and he would soon be back.

Let's go with a more permanent solution to this problem. Station National Guard troops anywhere there is a theft problem. Anyone carrying a package that doesn't have a UPS uniform on is shot on sight. Overkill, no pun intended, you say? What if one of the packages among them has drugs destined to your mother's pharmacy, and she will die without them? It's time to make people understand that being thieving scum comes with a death wish.

Food for thought: Even if a bear wears shoes and socks he still has bear feet!

You know that thing in your head that keeps you from saying things you probably shouldn't? Yeah, mine's broken.

Bubba says just before he goes to bed, he rings the doorbell. This clears the dogs off the bed long enough for him to get comfortable. Cats are smarter than that, but if you shake the food sack they will come.

Let's all be safe and warm out there, and God bless one and all.


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