Tax Roll Correction Board denies oil company request


April 24, 2022

The Woods County Tax Roll Corrections Board met Wednesday morning to consider some changes in the 2021 county tax roll. Board members present for the meeting were Joe Shirley, County Assessor Renetta Benson and Commissioner Randy McMurphy.

The first agenda item was an easy decision. Last year the Farmers Co-op sold some land to the county. That change was missed in the 2021 assessment. Removing the area from the Farmers Co-op assessment lowered the tax from $150 to $144.39, a difference of $5.61. Board members quickly voted to approve the change.

The next item took more discussion. An oil and gas company said property that should have been exempt was assessed. Benson said the assessment involved gross production, not equipment. The amount of tax involved is $186,164.

The company filed an informal protest. However, the formal protest which was due by May 8, 2021, was not received by the county until May 12.

A representative of the oil and gas company was present by telephone. He argued since May 8 was a Saturday, the protest period should have been extended to Monday, May 10. He said that was the date that the formal protest was sent by certified mail. He read from a state statute about legal holidays that he believed proved his point.

McMurphy said that Saturday, May 8, was not a legal holiday and the post offices were open so the formal protest could have been mailed on that date.

After some back and forth discussion between board members and the company representative, Shirley made a motion to deny the request that the formal appeal be accepted. McMurphy seconded, and the motion carried.


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