Conspiracy theory, maybe


As the Ukraine war ramped up, our president and government started sending millions of dollars and war materials against most people's wishes. Suddenly abortion and Roe vs Wade becomes front page news everywhere, focusing our attention away from the war in the Ukraine and our real involvement. I bet it would be scary to know what they have really done behind our backs, while we are distracted. Let me assure you I am not belittling the abortion dilemma. The timing just seems a bit strange.

I hope your pumpkins got frosted this spring, because they will be baked real soon. Fortunately, there will be several days of mid 80s to mid 90s for this coming week. With the cost of electricity, I have been working on a fan system that Cleo can run by peddling to turn the fan to keep me cool. The idea hasn't gone over with Cleo as well as I had hoped.

The city is FINALLY fixing the street in front of the fire station. As a most important block in Alva, it has been a source of embarrassment for our town. Thank you to whoever was in charge of starting the repairs. A friend of mine was worried about if she needed to go down this street. I told her to go ahead because she wouldn't notice the difference from before they tore it up.

I hope the weekend activities went well and everyone had fun. Thanks to the people that put it on. I don't know if my brother Jack came to the car show or not. Jack and Sandy took a trip up through Colorado and Utah recently. He said gas was well over $5 most of the way, and campgrounds were in the $60 on up range. He had a little trouble finding places to stay, because they were all full. Evidently, inflation hasn't completely wrecked everyone yet.

For Cleo and my vacation this year, next time we go to an out-of-town doctor, when we get home, I will have pictures of mountains and lakes to show her and ask her if she remembered seeing them. There are some advantages to her sleeping everywhere we go.

There was another case of typing going faster than common sense on Facebook the other night. It was rumored that the mayor had been appointed interim city manager. It was almost true, except the parts that weren't. Marione has written about the truth of it all. I found her story on Facebook, but it was in the Friday paper.

"I'm such an idiot," said my friend Earl. Earl was telling his wife that he had seen Mrs. Lungren at the store. He asked her how her husband was doing, not realizing he had died. She said, "He's gone.” I thought he'd gone on a trip, so I asked "Why didn't you go with him?"

When you have figured out why pizza is made round, comes in a square box, and eaten as a triangle, then we can intelligently discuss the workings of our government.


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