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Bad timing, council


With the gas and electric companies raising their rates; fuel prices going wild; and eggs, milk and bread becoming luxuries, a break from our hometown utilities would have been nice. If I remember right when the first 10 percent raise came, the powers that be said there would be two more years of raises and then they would revisit for future raises. But the fix was in. Much like all the other Alva citizens, I took them at their word. Silly Jim, truth is an illusion when dealing with politicians, even your local "friends."

I took them at their word, and did not read the proclamation back then, but did read it now. It was written so that the council didn't have to take the rap for raises because it was more or less automatic as a "cost of living" adjustment every year. I now have a reason to live a while. I want to be here when the cost of living goes down, to see if my utility bill does. If I misread or have incorrect information, please explain it to me without laughing all the way to the bank with my water bill money.

One thing I agree with is the plan to have "interim" people taking care of Alva's business while the search is on for a new city manager. It is not so easy to find a manager that understands our form of city government. I would have rather seen someone other than the mayor as one of the two, but if he will be fair in his decisions, he probably does know as much as anyone about the inner works. Brian, and Kelly, Grecian Formula will help both of you with the grey hairs you soon will have trying to keep the city on an even keel.

I did not make it to the downtown activities last weekend; my loss. The food and the music were good – at least, that's what I heard. Someone told me they were disappointed that only 35 cars showed up. With some other car shows around the area, I thought it was a good turnout. Next year maybe a bit more advertising and word of mouth will make this grow for our town. Many thanks to the workers who made this possible.

I really liked this testimonial to my youth: A big shout-out to the kids who didn't win an award or make the honor roll, and who just barely made it through the school year. A big hug to the moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and foster parents that stuck by them as they maneuvered the school year. To the kids who didn't get invited to the prom, didn't get a scholarship to college and may have to go straight to work right out of school, you are still worthy of a pat on the back, and a shout out on Facebook with people talking about how amazing you are. Some kids have to work twice as hard as other students just to get a "C." Their achievements deserve recognition, too. Don't forget those kids. Amen.

Bubba and a friend stopped by Hooters for some wings and a beer. His friend asked, "Which waitress would you like to be stuck with in the elevator?" Bubba responded, "The one that knows how to fix elevators. I'm old, I'm tired and I pee a lot!"

It's been a trying week and I am feeling lonely and unloved ... I think I will go to Wichita, Kansas, to the airport, and get a pat down just to get a little action.

Let's all be safe out there and God bless.


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