Letters to Santa

From Mrs. Cushenbery's 3rd grade class at Longfellow

Dear Santa,

How is my elf Rainbow? Because she did not come yet. She was going to come after Thanksgiving. Anyways I want a Phone. And a barbie doll. And a L.O.L house.

From, Alice

Dear Santa,

How are the elfs doing? Am I on the nice list? I have a lot of questions but I am not going to ask them all. Santa for Christmas I wold like pokemon cards. Dear Santa you are the best.

From, Tommy

Dear Santa,

I want to ask you a question so Eve my Elf hasent come and she was oppose to come yesterday and hasen't came so check on her please. So may I have a Barbie and a Roblox card.

From, Nahlia

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like: locker, roller skats, and @70 veso credit card. I can't wait for Christmas.

From, Lawson

Dear Santa,

How is it in the North Pole? Do you live in a cabin or a house? But you don't have to answer. May I have a VR headset but if that is too much you don't have to get me it. But can I have a mini brand. Thank you!

From, Abi

Dear Santa.

I wonder how it is at the north pole? How are you? Has it been a good year for you? I would love a oculus for Christmas. I would also lik a miny motorcycle. I hope you get me these thing. Do you remember when the elves got in the toilet paper. I sure hope I am not on the naughty list.

Love, Kayden

Dear Santa,

How are you? How are you doing in the North Pole? I hope you are having a great day! Is Mrs. Claus doing alright? How do you deliver so many gifts in one night? I would like a roblox gift card. Any kind of necklaces, and new earbuds!

From, Marlee

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa How are you? How much snow is at the north pole. How are the reindeer and eleves. I wold like a drone for christmas. I would also like 2 Can-Ams. Please tell the Riendeer I said Hi! Don't have too much milk and cookies.

Love you, Bentley

Dear Santa,

I wish for a toy car and a map and legos.

From, Max

Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claws doing? Can you tell Cebela Sparkel to do something funny? This year I would like a hoverboard, gift certificate to Alva Nails, camera that prints, American girl doll splice and a golden pokemon set. Thank you Santa.

From, Tayleigh

Dear Santa,

I want a iphone 14. I want a ps5 a computer! How are the reindeer? How are the eleves? How are you? How is Mis. Claus? I want OU football pads and glovs!

Your friend, Devin

Dear Santa,

How are u doing? I hope you are doing ok. This is what I want for Christmas is a iphone14, a OU football gloves, OU pads and a OU football stadeom!

From, Kasen

Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing? I can't wait for Christmas! If you can may I please have these things for Christmas. 1. Art supplies 2. American girl stuff 3. School supplies. PS. I'll have you and your reindeer some food!

Love you, Mia

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa! I hope you are doing good. I want a new lego set, a football swetbands, a football helmet and a football visor.

From, Landry

Dear Santa,

How has it ben there? I would like for xmas is a computer, iPad, newborn.

From, Chezzni

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a dirt bike and a computer.

From, Aiden

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are your reindeer? Has Mrs. Clase made you good cookies? Santa for Christmas can I have a fidget spinner? P.S. All leave you some cookes.

Love, Troy


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