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Santa Letters

From Mrs. Zadorozny's 2nd grade class at Longfellow


December 18, 2022

Dear Santa,

How are the reinDeer? I want a crossbow.

Sincerely, Coy Pingelton

Dear Santa,

I want nintendo, switch games or a laptop. I've been a very good boy. Or a mini tv. Or anything.

Sincerely, Wade Tucker

Dear Santa,

I want a cat kids books. I want books. I want owl DIARIES Book. I want Dog Man Books. I want dog toys. I want a PS5. I want a indendo switch. I want a real dog for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is lights for my bedroom.

Sincerely, Bristol Bouziden

Dear Santa,

I'm 8 years old. How are you doing this Christmas? I want for Christmas happiness and kindness. How old are you. And one more thing can I have a big box?

Sincerely, Bane Schafer

Dear Santa,

How are you this Christmas Season. How are yoor Reindeer this year. for Christmas I would like a new bike and a pupy and maybe a tv for my room.

From Kylie Caviness to Santa

Dear Santa,

I want a tv and a xbox and 10 video games. 2 controllers and a motor dirt bike and gas. and intendo svnitch. Games.

Sincerely, Dylan Krom

Dear Santa,

I want slime for Chritmas and some shoes and clothes for Chritmas. How are the reindeer and Mrs. Claus? I love you guys so much.

Sincerely, Love Bristol Rose

Dear Santa,

How are you doing this Cristmas season? I would like a nurf gunrifle, some army guys, a real army helmet, some army books, and some PS4 gams. And a knife. I would also like some army legos, haten called the Wild Chrom book, cross bow, a cactus.

Sincerely, Jaxin

Dear Santa,

I made a reindeer in Class. How are your reindeer doing? I want scented hand sanitizer and close and hey douds. Oh and cases for the handsanitizer. an apple ipad with a pen and a case. I want legos, a ginng pig, and I want cool things in my stockuing. I want not just all those I want my family to have the best christmas ever. I wold love to go to disny world and I love you sososososososo mach Oh and I want a room make over and a phone and mine brands and the mine brand store and all the difrind mine drands and a new water dotel.

Sincerely, Lennon Lauderdale

Dear Santa, I want a gas four wheeler and a bb gun pistol. I would also like a bridle for my horse and and xbox 1 with a game called Hunter Call of the Wild.

Sincerely, Telson Ohm

Dear Santa, I want a dirt bike, air Jordans, and 5 boxes of prime.

Sincerely, Riecyn Jones

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer how is your Wife Santa. for Christmas, I want a hoverdoand, ninto switch, Phone, a lunch box that is tidie.

Sincerely, Elliana

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Am aving fun a really enjoy school. I'm looking forward to Christmas. I want a ps5.

Sincerely, Fabian

Dear Santa,

How are you doing Christmas Seas? I want to go fishing with my dad. I want a cafe rove for Christmas I want a fishing rod, a nurfyan target. and a 65 creed moore.

Sincerely, Carter Tyree

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer? For Cristmas I want a xbox and a hover board. Your elves are funny. How are you and Mrs. Claus doing?

Sincerely, Sutton Hansen

Dear Santa,

I want a baby alive, a dog toy, a new pair of rollarskates, a real dog, another electric skooter, I wowd also like a PS5.

Sincerely, Averyanna Hayes

Dear Santa,

Can I have a phone for Chistmas? How are your reindeer? Did you get sick? How are you doing this year? Can I have a stuffed giraffe animal? And a doll please? Also a T necklace? And a mini brand.


Dear Santa,

I want a ps4, tv, and xbox for Christmas. How are you this year? How are the reinDeer? I would love to see my papa this year and my whole family this year too.

Sincerely, Case Snow

Dear Santa,

How are you doing this Christmas Season? How is your wife? How is you Reideer? I want a Car and a 222 50. ISO hover board.

Sincerely, Ember Richardson

Dear Santa,

I hope you are having the best Christmas ever! I got the best early Christmas present ever! I got an iPhone 7 my Nana's old phone. But I wunt a good Christmas and everybody to have the best Christmas ever to. I do not want anything for Christmas. I want my little sister to get well.

Sincerely, Georgia Kreigh


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