Merry Christmas to one and all


December 25, 2022

If you have nowhere to eat or are alone and need fellowship, go to 818 Diner, at 818 Okla. Boulevard, from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. today for a good and free meal. You don't need a reservation, just an appetite. All are welcome. Many thanks to 818 Diner and The Alva Change Makers for such great community spirit.

I hope you made it through the cold okay. I was thinking how God had his son born in a warm place. Please explain to your children the real reason for the season. If it is not so cold out there, consider going to a church to celebrate his birth.

The worst part of the cold for me is feeding the cats at the salvage. I have to get out to feed them regardless of the weather.

The end of a lifetime loyalty is at hand. The first car I remember Dad having was about a 1950 Ford car and a ‘54 Ford pickup (still in the family) he bought new. From then to now he has owned numerous Ford/Mercury cars, pickups, and trucks. For 70+ years every vehicle he has owned has been a Ford product, except an Issuzu pickup I wished off him, and an Oldsmobile he inherited.

The last four Fords were Fusions, pretty good cars. He has been ready to trade for a while, but Ford quit the Fusion, and he couldn't find anything else he liked. He called me the other day with news more shocking than having a new mother. He had bought a Chevrolet Malibu. Take that short-sighted Ford executives! Jack and I are looking for some Ford emblems to put on it.

On a sad note for the Scribner family, my great grandson Drake passed away this week. Drake has been plagued with health problems for his entire life. He lived way past what the doctors said he would. He didn't talk, but he would look at me with a grin and a look that always made me feel like he had a joke to tell me. My granddaughter Jennifer is an amazing person for the way she took care and loved him. A holiday blessing for him, he is in God's hands now and no longer in pain. Hug your friends and family often, because you never know what life holds for us.

Merry Christmas to one and all! Let's all be safe out there and God bless.


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