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Pursuing happiness


January 20, 2023

What makes you happy?

Throughout history, humans have endured trial and tribulation to survive and pursue happiness. To the cave dwellers it was bagging the next meal, and as civilization progressed it metamorphosed into getting the right meal.

Happiness has expanded into multiple areas of pleasant emotions. St. Augustine is quoted, “True happiness … is unattainable in our present life.” Happiness is fleeting – one moment of elation can be replaced by woe. An example would be buying a new car, only to suffer the shock of tag, title and tax. Kirk Washburn told me that the best deal was one that didn’t result in a remorseful buyer. I say that all purchases are emotional, resulting in only a temporary high.

Some people say they are never happy. Happiness for them is clouded by drama, which many enjoy, thus making them happy. That is an oxymoron! Others seem to relish disappointment, but Nicki is quick to point out that “Martyrdom is a waste of time unless someone appreciates it.”

According to an article in Time magazine, our forefathers believed that security meant happiness, but today, most people define happiness as money. According to CNBC, 63 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and even with reserve, there is always insecurity.

Our good health alone should make us happy – short of that, family and friends, or a support group like church – because, “100 years from now, where are you going to be? So, whatever’s making you sad today won’t matter when you leave.”


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